Organizers behind the Post Graduation Party fun have released a decoding clue to help Wilton’s high school seniors get a bit closer to figuring out the secret theme for this year’s PGP.

Over the last three weeks, parent organizers have been releasing picture clues via social media and GOOD Morning Wilton showing familiar locations around Wilton. On the scavenger hunt down memory lane, the students found different numbers at each location. The clues in their proper order are 28 19 37 39 29 32 25 17 23 34 39.

At 5 p.m. last night organizers released a decoding clue, on Twitter and Facebook:

Seniors: What will you always have in common with your graduating class? Class of 2014! Subtract 14 from each numerical clue.

— WiltonPGP14 (@wiltonct2014) June 2, 2014

It’s certainly getting interesting!