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Somber numbers came from officials on Monday, as Connecticut recorded 59 new fatalities, to surpass more than 5,000 deaths from COVID-19 (actual number 5,020).

Among them was one additional death linked to the coronavirus reported in Wilton, bringing the town’s total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 44. According to First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, there are no further demographic details or information about the person who died.

The CT Department of Public Health reported 10 new COVID-positive cases in Wilton since last Friday, Nov. 27 (466 total cases year to date); Vanderslice said that these cases newly known to Wilton’s Health Department ranged in age from 20-63.

There were 4,714 new cases statewide (117,295 cases year-to-date). There was an increase of 81 new hospitalized patients over the weekend, bringing the total to 1,098 currently hospitalized COVID cases.

The rising numbers prompted a group of 35 physicians and one nurse to write a letter to Gov. Ned Lamont, asking him to consider closing gyms and indoor dining in order to stem the increase in cases. At his press briefing Monday, Lamont said he would meet with the group but did not plan on making any changes or adding new restrictions to the current recommendations. According to the Hartford Courant, Lamont was concerned about negative economic impact on Connecticut businesses.

Wilton’s Cases by Age Distribution

Vanderslice compared age ranges in Wilton and the percentage of cases held by each demographic group. She noted that officials continue to see a decline in cases among younger school-aged residents (0-14 years old).

The most significant gains were seen in residents age 15-24. Notably, this is possibly tied to returning college students around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Age RangeTotal Wilton
Nov. 10-16
Nov. 17-23
Nov. 24-29
0-4 yrs5%7%2% (↓)0% (↓)
5-14 yrs18%17%12% (↓)0% (↓)
15-24 yrs13%14%22%35%
25-44 yrs16%21%20% (↓)27%
45-65 yrs32%36%36%38%
65+ yrs15%5%8%0% (↓)

On Monday, Wilton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith reported a handful of new cases in the schools–one new positive case of COVID-19 at Middlebrook School and four new cases at Wilton High School. However, he noted that based on contact tracing quarantine protocols in each instance, and the circumstances and dates the infected individuals were in the building, “a relatively low number of people were directly impacted.”

Smith cautioned that school officials expect an uptick in reported illnesses moving into winter, that may or may not be related to COVID-19. He urges all members of the school community to self-monitor for symptoms each day, which includes taking temperatures every morning and evening. Individuals with symptoms are asked to stay home and contact a doctor about getting tested for COVID-19.

He also asked the community to “carefully consider your activities outside of school and those with whom you come in close contact, as we continue to see trends of household or family transmission and transmission through club athletic events.”

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  1. I understand taking precautions outside of school but isn’t is concerning that these cases are putting out teachers, faculty, students and their family members at risk? I know this is part of our new normal until we can get it all under control but the numbers are discouraging in light of all that the schools, and district, are doing to protect their well being. Is there an overarching theme that maybe needs to be looked at?

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