COVID-19 Update July 15, 2020: Officials Aware of Unreported Positive Cases; BOS Approves New Tax Deferral Deadline

In her nightly update to residents about the town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice reported that although there are no new one-day positive cases in Wilton confirmed by the State Department of Public Health, she says there are still additional cases that have not been reported.

“We have been concerned about the 23 reported cases since the start of Phase 2 and other unreported cases, of which we are aware,” she wrote.

Since July 13, there were four new cases added to Wilton’s totals, bringing the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the town since the start of the pandemic to 230. Earlier this week, Vanderslice linked that increase in cases to younger residents, especially related to team sports and travel.

She noted it was a trend in Wilton that mirrored data from across Connecticut. “Across the state, residents aged 29 and below comprise the largest increase in share of statewide new cases. We are seeing the same trend in Wilton,” she wrote.

The rise in case numbers among people under 29 years old was one factor that contributed to the decision by officials to close all town-owned and operated basketball facilities on Wednesday afternoon.

“Sports is one area of close contact among those residents aged 29 and below. We are looking closely at what is occurring at our recreational facilities. This includes both organized activities through youth sports programs and non-organized use. On recent evenings, at any one time, there have been close to 20 residents on the Comstock basketball court. As you all know basketball requires very close contact. Today, Wilton’s Health Director closed all town-owned basketball courts,” she wrote.

Vanderslice reiterated that resident behavior is a vital part of reducing the spread of COVID-19.

“It is critical that all residents exercise good judgment about minimizing the spread of the virus. Youth sports organizations must actively monitor compliance with their plan for play.  Residents attending games should follow social distancing and face-covering requirements,” she wrote.

COVID-19 Related Tax Deferral

In another COVID-19 related area, on Wednesday night the Board of Selectmen extended the deadline until July 31 to submit the application and required documentation for the COVID-19 Tax Deferral Program. The application, required documentation and eligibility guidance are available on the Town website.

[Other BOS actions during Wednesday night’s special meeting, the members voted to approve allocating newly-found FY2020 budget savings to paving work still being completed under the FY2020 budget; and approved the town to accept contracts negotiated by town officials with employee group unions. Vanderslice tabled discussion about a possible settlement of a lawsuit against the town and Wilton School District.]

By the Numbers (July 15)

CT DPH reported the following for Fairfield County as of July 14:

  • Total Fairfield County Cases:  16,993 (+33 since July 14)
    • Confirmed:  16,317
    • Probable:  647
  • Total Fairfield County Deaths: 1,387 deaths  (+2 since July 14)
    • Confirmed:  1,079
    • Probable:  308
  • Total Current Fairfield County Hospitalized patients:  18 (-4 since July 14)

CT DPH reported the following for statewide as of July 14:

  • Total CT cases:  47,636  (+106 since July 14)
  • Total CT deaths:  4,380 (+8 since July 14)
  • Total Current State hospitalized patients:  in 67 (+1 since July 14)
  • Total tests performed in CT:  602,116 (+12,338 since July 14)

It is important to note that these newly reported updates include data that occurred over the last several days to a week. All data in this report are preliminary, and data for previous dates will be updated as new reports are received and data errors are corrected. Hospitalization data were collected by the Connecticut Hospital Association. Deaths* reported to either OCME or DPH are included in the daily COVID-19 update.

Visit the state’s coronavirus webpage for several additional charts and tables containing more data groups, including a town-by-town breakdown of positive cases in each municipality and a breakdown of cases and deaths among age groups.