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Former State Senator Toni Boucher Endorses Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro

Boucher’s statement on Patrizia Zucaro:

“Prior to serving in the State Senate, I was one of 151 state representatives in the General Assembly. It takes guts, determination, and energy to be the people’s voice in Hartford. After 10 years of outstanding leadership, Gail Lavielle is retiring and the 143rd seat has become opened. We are fortunate to have an exemplary candidate running for this seat on Nov. 3, Patrizia Zucaro. Patrizia is a Staples High School and UCONN graduate. She went on to law school and opened her own local practice. She is a strong advocate for the people she represents and small businesses as well. The next two years will be hard ones for the legislature. They’ll be tacking the aftermath of the pandemic and its impact on our schools, business, and town budgets but looming multi-billion-dollar deficits. Connect was in dire financial condition before COVID-19. It is now facing a deleted Rainy Day Fund and billion dollar deficits that threaten state solvency and encourage higher income tax brackets, more business taxes and a state property tax.

“Vote for Patrizia Zucaro to tip the balance in favor of keeping your schools and properties in your hands and not in state control!”

Boucher’s statement on Kim Healy:

“Connecticut is in dire financial straits. It had billion-dollar deficits before the pandemic, and its reserve account will now quickly dissipate leaving a deeper budget hole and a weaker economy. We need strong, experienced leaders to get us out of this crisis. That is why I am endorsing Kim Healy for the 26th State Senate District.

“Kim will not bow to special interests and she will represent our towns interests in Hartford. She just wants to make our towns better. As a CPA and former auditor for PWC, she will tackle the crucial financial challenges that Connecticut faces on day one. She understands that continuing to increase taxes on our residents will only make Connecticut less affordable and drive people out.

“Kim has a long history of volunteering in her community as a Treasurer of the Wilton Library Board, a volunteer tax preparer for seniors and low-income individuals, and more. She is completely driven by her love for the community in which she lives, not personal advancement. That is why we need her.

“Kim will protect our schools from Hartford’s mismanagement, and fight against its encroachment into our towns’ local planning and zoning and against forced school regionalization. With the experience I have had in Hartford, I know the legislature will be pursuing these policies with considerable force, and we need an advocate for our towns to speak for us. Local control of zoning is on the ballot this year. Will Haskell is a part of the supermajority, and he has not been the voice we need to represent our interests in Hartford.

“Kim Healy is exactly who we need. I will be voting for her, and I hope you join me.”

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, Sen. Will Haskell, and State Comptroller Kevin Lembo Endorse Stephanie Thomas

Democratic candidate Stephanie Thomas for State Representative (143rd District) has been endorsed by Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, State Sen. William Haskell, and State Comptroller Kevin Lembo.

“Stephanie is a successful small businesswoman, community activist, public servant, and nonprofit leader. Everything she’s achieved in her life is the result of her hard work, persistence, and her ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds,” said Bysiewicz. “Stephanie has a plan to improve her district and our state’s economy by investing in infrastructure and public transportation, improving our community colleges, and attracting and retaining our small businesses.”

“There are a ton of reasons that I really admire and respect Stephanie Thomas…Stephanie knocks on every door–not just the Democratic voters, not just the unaffiliated voters, she would go up to a household that has her opponents’ lawn sign in their front yard just so that she can introduce herself and let them know that if she wins she would be their state representative too, that she would be accessible and most importantly, that she has a vision for how to move Connecticut forward. Now more than ever during these really difficult times, we need Stephanie’s vision in Hartford,” said Haskell.

“Stephanie brings the right heart and right head to work that is complex, but also demands that we have an underlying empathy for the people that we are here to serve. I met Stephanie first advocating for healthcare…for all people, and knew in that moment that she’s someone that I needed to know better and wanted to work with more. So I hope you will join me in supporting Stephanie Thomas. She will be a great representative for you in Hartford, and I look forward to working together with her closely once she gets there,” said Lembo.

Upon receiving these endorsements, Thomas said, “I am proud to receive the endorsement of Lt. Governor Bysiewicz, State Comptroller Lembo, and State Senator Will Haskell, and look forward to working closely with them once elected to advocate for the needs of small business owners, for funding to protect the quality and safety of our schools, and helping to position Connecticut as a 21st Century economy.”

State Rep. Gail Lavielle Endorses Patrizia Zucaro to Succeed Her

Lavielle’s statement on Patrizia Zucaro:

“I write to affirm my enthusiastic, unequivocal endorsement of Patrizia Zucaro for the 143rd District House seat, a seat I have held for the past 10 years.

“Patrizia is not afraid of anyone–in either party. She will defend our district’s interests without backing down. She will tell us the truth, always, about what’s happening in Hartford. She will answer to no one but her constituents, and she will represent everyone, not just those who support her.

“Representing the 143rd district, with two towns and a city, is demanding and complex. Patrizia has the rare ability to understand the issues of all three municipalities and to represent them all equally well. She also knows that our district’s representative has a special responsibility to look out for Wilton, and she will do so faithfully.

“Much like our district, Patrizia doesn’t fit into a doctrinaire political niche. She will fight to reduce taxes and structural spending and improve the climate for businesses, while investing in education, infrastructure, and services for the truly needy. She will defend our towns against state interference in education, zoning, and how our property taxes are spent. She supports both our local police and Connecticut’s strong gun laws. She is firm about protecting every individual’s rights not only to fair treatment under the law but also to personal reproductive and lifestyle choices. She is a steadfast advocate for the environment.

“Too many legislators in Hartford are more interested in answering to the state employee unions than in serving their constituents. Patrizia will put you first.

“Patrizia is smart, intellectually curious, and treats people as individuals. As an attorney, she is detail-minded and can quickly spot red flags in legislation that could affect our district. We could not ask for a better advocate.

“Patrizia’s motivation is rooted not in politics, but rather in her affection for the region where she has always lived and her desire to see it better served by our state government. She means business because she cares.

“I am confident that with Patrizia Zucaro, our district will be in very good hands indeed. I respectfully urge you to join me in voting to elect her as our next state representative.”

Patrizia Zucaro Recognized by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and CT Against Gun Violence

Patrizia Zucaro, the Republican and Independent Party candidate for State Representative of the 143rd House district, has received the “Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction” designation from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, as well as a grade of “A” from CT Against Gun Violence (CAGV).

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country.

According to the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America website, where voters can find a “gun sense” candidate in their district, “The Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate program is meant to signal to our nearly six million supporters, volunteers, and gun safety voters across the country that if elected, a candidate will govern with gun safety in mind. This means they will stand for safer communities and advocate for better gun laws. Multiple candidates in a race can receive the distinction, and just like common-sense gun safety, it is non-partisan.”

CT Against Gun Violence was founded in 1993 by Fairfield County residents who worked together with police chiefs and local organizations, and with the support of elected officials from both parties, to build one of the country’s pioneering advocacy groups for state-level firearms regulation.

“We are pleased to announce that you have received a CT Against Gun Violence ‘A’ grade for your leadership on gun violence prevention,” wrote CAGV executive director Jeremy Stein to Zucaro on Sept. 15. “Congratulations! You received an ‘A’ grade because we are confident that you will be a leader in helping to move our agenda forward, and have championed the cause of gun violence prevention.”

“People in the 143rd district have made clear their deep concern about gun violence and their desire for bipartisan focus on keeping our communities safe,” said Zucaro. “I thank both Moms Demand Action and CT Against Gun Violence for their recognition of my commitment to gun safety and school security. I look forward to working on sensible gun safety measures that will benefit everyone in Connecticut”.