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This is the last endorsement article that will be published before Election Day next Tuesday, Nov. 3.

State Rep. Tom O’Dea Endorses Patrizia Zucaro and Kim Healy

O’Dea’s statement endorsing Zucaro and Healy:

“I have represented the people of Wilton and New Canaan in the General Assembly since 2013. From 2017-2018 we had all Republicans representing New Canaan and Wilton and during that time we passed a bipartisan no-tax-increase budget that implemented a spending and borrowing cap, which created an approximately $3 billion dollar rainy day fund. Then in 2018, because of people’s dissatisfaction with DC, the District voted out one of the best legislators our state has ever had, Toni Boucher. As a result of the above lose [sic] and those elsewhere, in 2019, the legislature passed some of the most anti-business legislation in our state’s history and increased spending and taxes, not to mention the anti-police legislation, attempted school regionalization, and the state control of local zoning that is ready to be implemented if given enough of a majority.

“We need Patrizia Zucaro in the General Assembly. After a decade in real estate, Patrizia has spent the last eight years practicing law in both Connecticut and New York. Patrizia knows how our legislature works, particularly when it comes to knowing the practical implications when passing legislation. Being an attorney as well, I know firsthand how it gives you a skill set that allows you to quickly identify problems and find solutions along with advocating for constituents. Patrizia will advocate for your interests, not special interests, especially when it comes to local control of our schools and zoning.

“Finally, we need Kim Healy in the [State] Senate. Kim and her husband raised their four children in Wilton where they intend to stay. She is an accountant and a former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers. A daughter and sister to two police officers, Kim knows how vital police and first responders are in keeping our communities safe. She will support our towns and our police. That is why she received the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement along with endorsements from the seven police unions in the 26th District.

“The majority party has controlled Connecticut’s budget for over 40 years. Connecticut ranks at or near the bottom in business climate, taxes, debt per capita, and job growth. In fact, we are the only state that has not recovered from 2008 and the only state in which the public sector makes more than the private sector for similar jobs. Isn’t it time to give us a chance?”

Former State Rep. William Duff Endorses Primary Opponent Kim Healy

Duff’s statement endorsing Healy:

“With Connecticut in an epic financial and economic mess, now is the time for us to elect a State Senator with real-life experience, common sense, and fiscal responsibility rather than slogans and sound bites.

“That’s why I will be voting for Republican- and Independent Party-endorsed Kim Healy for State Senate. With state Democrats pushing hard for school regionalization and expanding affordable housing zoning statutes we need her more than ever. Kim has been and continues to be an outspoken opponent to school regionalization in any form. Unfortunately, Sen. Will Haskell has purposely been unclear where exactly he stands and his position seems to change depending [on] who he is talking to. You can call it ‘School Regionalization,’ ‘Municipal Resource Sharing,’ or even ‘Quality Educational Diversity,’ but the idea is still is the same and it will have a devastating affect [sic] to our children’s education and their future. We should be raising the bar of expectation and quality of our education in every district, not dismantling successful ones. Listening to Kim it is clear that she understands the need to keep local control over our children’s education and not leave it to a group of politicians in Hartford.

“Here in the heart of Fairfield County, we see the devastating impact of mass density housing being pushed on to us under the guise of affordable housing where the units being built are anything but affordable. If you want to see the devastating effects to the environment of affordable housing, I invite you to Bethel. Take a look at the streams and waterways around these projects now polluted with debris and pushing the wildlife into smaller and smaller areas to live. We have watched our State Sen. Will Haskell do nothing to stop this new urban sprawl and yet on some occasions we see him encouraging it with fellow leadership in his party. Kim Healy has a clear understanding of the issues facing the 26th District and has our best interests at heart. I am asking every friend, family member, and neighbor to please come out and vote for Kim Healy for State Senate. Vote as if your child’s future is at stake because it is.”

The Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of Connecticut Endorses Congressman Jim Himes

The Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut announced its endorsement of Rep. Jim Himes for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Uniformed Firefighters Association works to ensure legislators meet the best interests of firefighters.

“The Firefighters Association of Connecticut heartily endorses Jim Himes’ candidacy for reelection to the 4th Congressional District. We look forward to his successful campaign,” said Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut’s president, Peter S. Carozza, Jr.

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the support of the Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut,” said Himes. “Their mission to ensure our brave firefighters are given the support and resources they need during and after their tenures as front line heroes is one I wholeheartedly believe in and will continue to fight for in Congress.”

Himes currently serves Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District and most recently voted for the HEROES Act, which allocated $1.3 billion in funding for FEMA to purchase personal protective equipment for firefighters around the country. This funding will ensure firefighters have the resources to keep communities safe during the pandemic.

Chris Murphy, Jim Himes, and Bob Duff endorse Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas, the Democratic State Representative candidate in the 143rd District, has been endorsed by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4), and State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, who represents Norwalk and Darien.

“Stephanie Thomas is an advocate and a collaborator fighting for the issues that we all care about. Helping others has never been just a job for Stephanie. We need more people like Stephanie in Hartford, people who will act on important issues like gun violence prevention, funding education, or investing in transportation,” Murphy said in his endorsement.

Himes touched on the principles that Thomas will take to Hartford with her. “Stephanie is the kind of person who will take the values that we know are so important, the values of making sure that everybody has access to economic opportunity, of making sure that we think and do good things so that our children have a future that we would be proud of them having,” he said.

In his endorsement, Duff said, “Stephanie Thomas is going to work really hard on issues that are important to us like climate change, especially here in Fairfield County, and in urban areas like Norwalk, where it impacts the health of all of us who live here. Secondly, she’s going to hold utilities’ feet to the fire and be a great partner in the reform effort that we’re trying to do with that … And third, if you like voting by absentee ballot this year, we need more people in the state legislature who are going to vote to expand absentee ballot access … She’s a great candidate working really, really hard and I would be proud to have her in our delegation.”

On accepting the endorsements, Thomas said, “I am ecstatic to receive Sen. Chris Murphy’s, Congressman Jim Himes’, and State Sen. Bob Duff’s endorsements. One of my guiding principles is to be a person who stands up for others. Throughout my career, I’ve worked tirelessly for people who have slipped through the cracks of failed government policies. Being an active and supportive part of one’s community is of paramount importance to me. We need to have real conversations with each other at the local level so that we can solve difficult issues, benefiting from our different experiences and perspectives, but also connecting over our shared humanity and values. We need to move past partisanship and political sound bites to urgency and action.”

Gov. Ned Lamont and Sen. Richard Blumenthal Endorse Stephanie Thomas

Democratic candidate Stephanie Thomas for State Representative (143rd district) has been endorsed by Gov. Ned Lamont and Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

“We have thousands of people moving into our state right now …[and as Connecticut transplants] you and I [have spoken] about how we want to make sure that Connecticut continues to be a place that is welcoming,” Lamont said in his endorsement. “[We] need more people with a small business background, who know how to balance a budget, and care about people, and care about affordable health care … We have some of the highest health care costs in the country. In the middle of this COVID crisis, I appreciate what that’s meant to people. I know you can make a difference up there and I look forward to being with you for the next two years.”

Upon receiving his endorsement, Thomas said, “I am proud to receive the endorsement of Gov. Ned Lamont and I look forward to working closely with him to advocate for affordable health care. Our economy stays healthy when our citizens stay healthy and when our businesses can afford to stay in business. I will fight with urgency for affordable health care for our small businesses, nonprofits and individuals.”

Thomas is also proud to have received the endorsement of Sen. Richard Blumenthal. In her role as a fundraising consultant, Thomas has built a career on her ability to bring people of various viewpoints together to move forward toward a common goal. Looking at the issues that Connecticut will face in the coming year, it will be critical to have a skilled and creative problem solver representing us in Hartford. “She’s a consensus builder and she will help bring together … communities and people of diverse views,” Blumenthal said.

Thomas said, “Sen. Blumenthal is a passionate voice for Connecticut in the United States Senate and I am proud to receive his endorsement. I will be a voice in Hartford for everyone in the 143rd district whether they voted for me or not. I will listen to the viewpoints of all my constituents and fight for them with a sense of urgency. I am running to move our system away from politics and back to good governance.”

Second Selectwoman Lori Bufano Supports Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro

Bufano’s statement endorsing Healy and Zucaro:

“I am pleased to support Kim Healy for State Senate and Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative. As a CPA and former auditor, Kim has extensive experience in fiscal responsibility. She is an enthusiastic volunteer and is the treasurer of the Wilton Library. She has also been endorsed by numerous police unions. Kim is running for office in order to effect change. Her responsible leadership is just what is needed in Hartford. Patrizia is a licensed attorney who will focus on balance and transparency in government. She will advocate for our interests as well as key local issues. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, I am acutely aware of local needs. I am confident that Kim and Patrizia will represent our positions while in Hartford. Please join me in voting for these well-qualified candidates.”

Planning & Zoning Commission Chair Rick Tomasetti Backs Kim Healy, Patrizia Zucaro

Tomasetti’s statement endorsing Healy and Zucaro:

“Dear Wilton friends and neighbors, I am endorsing Kim Healy for State Senate in the 26th and Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative in the 143rd. Wilton needs to hear Kim’s and Patrizia’s independent voices in Hartford. Kim and Patrizia understand that the current ideas coming out of Hartford, like forced school regionalization and state control of local zoning, are nothing more than a desperate power grab. These are the same folks who have bankrupted our state. Under their leadership, we have witnessed increased taxes and a mass exodus of talent and commerce to competing states. Connecticut needs to have adults in the room. We need Kim and Patrizia because they offer smart solutions to our problems. We must undo the echo chamber of elitist ideas in favor of fact-based policies. On Nov. 3, vote for Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro.”

Selectman Joshua Cole: Wilton needs Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro in Hartford

Cole’s statement endorsing Healy and Zucaro:

“It is anticipated that this election will have record turnout. That is really something exciting! Whether it’s your first vote, or your 51st, as a fellow citizen I urge you to research the candidates, know the issues and positions, and vote based upon qualifications.

“When Election Day arrives, I’ll be voting for candidates who:

  • oppose school regionalization and any study designed to bring the issue back to the table
  • recognize that Wilton has affordable housing units expiring after 40 years, representing a local history of dedication to housing for all
  • understand our citizens’ thoughtful creation of our Plan of Conservation and Development should be respected
  • trust that our police want to protect everyone, and do not stereotype by career choice
  • know what it takes to balance a career and volunteer work
  • are cross-endorsed by the Independent Party.

“Wiltonian Kim Healy is a CPA, board member of the Wilton Library Association, wife, mother, and volunteer with numerous local charities and organizations. All candidates appear in town during election season, but Kim is our neighbor, the woman volunteering her time to assist low-income families with their taxes, spending the weekend working at Minks-to-Sinks, and on the sidelines cheering at Wilton school sporting events. Kim is dedicated to ensuring Wilton is governed locally, not by state mandate. As a finance professional, Kim has the training and knowledge to address the state’s fiscal crisis and was motivated to run by the state’s proposed teacher pension cramdowns. With COVID-19 presenting fiscal challenges for small businesses and local families, we need Kim Healy in the statehouse as Wilton’s State Senator.

“Attorney Patrizia Zucaro will continue and expand upon the legacy of straight talk Wiltonians received from Gail Lavielle. Patrizia’s experience as corporate general counsel makes her the only candidate with the expertise to reform regulations that impede business growth and municipal shared service programs, and allow our utilities to evade accountability, and to address minimum staffing requirements in state contracts that are considered non-starters in most municipal contract negotiations. The recipient of an “A” rating from CT Against Gun Violence and the “Gun Sense Distinction” from Moms Demand Action, Patrizia recognizes that helping, not demonizing, those who feel helpless and suffer from mental health issues is the next step in this fight. Patrizia does not hedge or qualify her positions. She opposes regionalization whether it be of our schools or our local zoning decisions. The daughter of immigrants, Patrizia will be a State Representative who promotes the American dream through local control.

“For these reasons, I will be voting for Kim Healy for State Senate and Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative, and I urge you to do the same.”