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Patrizia Zucaro will Stand Up to Craziness in Hartford

To the Editor:

Wilton will have a new state legislator next year, and I believe Patrizia Zucaro is the right person to stand up to the craziness in Hartford!  As an attorney who works with small businesses and individuals, she understands our local economy and the tax and regulatory issues we face.  She also understands that most legislation isn’t one size fits all, and can see through the language to make sound judgments. Patrizia is not interested in party ideology, only in whether a bill works for our district and the people who live here. Patrizia will be a forceful advocate for Wilton.

Kathleen Wrampe

Your Vote–for Stephanie Thomas and Will Haskell–will Make the Difference

To the Editor:

Stephanie Thomas has my support for State Representative. Her positions on the issues align closely with all of the things I fought for when I was in the state legislature:  improving our transportation options in Fairfield County; investing in infrastructure to attract and retain businesses to the state; protecting the right to vote; and preserving the character of our community by protecting our beautiful natural resources–our parks, forests, and coastline.

I am also a strong supporter of Will Haskell. Will defeated a longtime incumbent in 2018 and in just two years he has become a leader in the State Senate. In addition, his service to his constituents is remarkable. When I reached out to him recently regarding the damages inflicted by tropical storm Isaias, and the lack of a credit for the service interruption on our cable bill, he responded right away and the issue was resolved in less than 24 hours.

And if you think that your one vote wouldn’t make a difference:  in 2008 I won in Wilton by only one vote.

So when you make your choice for president on Nov. 3, don’t forget those important state legislative races down the ballot.

Peggy Reeves

Which side are you on? Please vote.

To the Editor:

The first letter I wrote to an editor was when I was a young teenager. It was in support of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy during his first 100 days in office and published in the New York Daily News. This will be my second.

Why approximately six decades in between? As a rule, all of the elections during that period were among candidates that, while offering differing views on the issues, were for the most part competent and honorable. I definitely lean in one direction, but during that time I voted for candidates on both sides of the fence. And while living in Connecticut, I spent many years registered as unaffiliated, since in my view too often partisan politics get in the way of the best outcome for everyone.

So why a letter now? This election is different. Who we elect will say a lot about us as a nation, community, and as individuals. Vote for the person who best represents your values and the principles of our democracy.

Jack McFadden

Re-Elect Haskell to Continue Good Fight

To the Editor:

We’re writing in support of Will Haskell‘s re-election as our State Senator.

In his first term, Will’s held over 70 Town Hall meetings in his district and has taken strong positions on a host of issues important to Wilton. He aggressively opposed the forced regionalization of school systems, while working to close the opportunity gap between schools in Connecticut and recruit more minority educators in our public schools.

Will has affirmed his support for reasonable, locally-developed efforts to address the lack of housing options for young people and retired seniors wishing to stay in our community. As he put it recently ”…affordable housing is workforce housing…” too. Our town’s leaders are currently exploring a wide range of options to address these needs, and we applaud the pro-active efforts being made. Doing nothing is simply not an option.

We urge you to visit Will’s website and scroll down the list of all the things Will has accomplished for us already. His website details what he’s working on now, and what he’s ready to tackle next! Will should be re-elected so he can continue the good fight on our behalf.

Kevin and Moira Craw

Vote Thomas to Protect Environment and Voting Process

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Stephanie Thomas to be our State Representative for the 143rd district.  I know she will tirelessly and enthusiastically work for us by advocating for measures that will protect our environment and improve our democratic process in Connecticut.

Stephanie supports the environment with the inclusion of a curriculum on climate change in public schools. She also supports, legislative actions to promote renewable and clean energy projects and incentives, and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. She is a strong advocate for the preservation of our open spaces.

Stephanie advocates for the improvement of our democratic processes in our state.  She supports Automatic Voter Registration, a non-partisan way to both save the state money and allow for all eligible voters to be easily registered.  She will work for expanded voting by mail, on-line requests for absentee ballots, and early voting

Stephanie Thomas will provide us with strong representation in Hartford when it comes to critical environmental and voting issues.  Vote for Stephanie Thomas to protect our environment and our voting process.

Jane Rinard

We Need Leadership Change in Hartford, Vote Kim Healy

To the Editor:

We need a change in leadership in Hartford that will help in my opinion in two critical areas.

First, we need to drive local control of schools, to maintain Connecticut’s competitive advantage.

Second, act decisively on the state debt built up over the last two-plus decades.

Kim [Healy]’s experience in public accounting and the fact that she has children in the school district she lives in makes her the ideal candidate to do what is needed to keep Connecticut competitive.

This is your opportunity to make it happen, vote Kim Healy for State Senator, 26th District.

Prasad Iyer

Haskell–Deeply Engaged and Knows the Facts

To the Editor:

I am a Wilton resident who has heard Will Haskell speak publicly several times and have spoken with him briefly on a couple of occasions. What I have taken away from these encounters and other communications, whether he was addressing highway tolls or local school control, is an appreciation for a candidate and officeholder deeply engaged with the issues and an interest in and a grasp of the facts involved.

In a time where sound-bites and catchphrases are often substituted for facts and analysis in driving policy, I have been pleased to see how prepared Will has been to deal with the many critical issues before us. A sharp mind and a fine education, yes, but I think also attributable to the hard and, yes, boring work of governance–e.g., reading those dry reports or listening to the knowledgeable agency chief–from which thoughtful and purposeful legislation emerges.

Competence and diligence count. I urge voters to consider casting their ballot for State Senator for Will Haskell.

Very truly yours,

James Joyce

Hands Down, Healy is Superior Choice

To the Editor:

In the upcoming state senate race, Kim Healy is hands down the superior choice. In the way of personal attributes, her honesty, intelligence, and superb experience as a CPA are a huge differentiator. Regarding the issues, she will support what is best for Wilton and surrounding towns and will not be bossed around by party superiors  She will fight to maintain local control of schools and zoning, and will push for fiscal policies in Hartford that will turn around Connecticut’s sad decline under single-party governance. Please join me in voting for a better future by voting for Kim Healy.

Don Drummond

No Matter How You Vote for President, Vote for Healy and Zucaro

To the Editor:

Please vote to support our schools and our ability to control local decisions around schools and zoning. Vote for Kim Healy (State Senate) and Patrizia Zucaro (State Representative), fight the urge to just vote across the Democratic party line. Consider your vote with an eye toward local issues, not the disgust you may have at the national level.  Our current state senator believes school regionalization is the optimal way forward, that would be absolutely crushing to Wilton. Disgusted by Trump? Not arguing that….No matter your political affiliation the national elections have almost no bearing on what happens locally to Wilton. We need Kim and Patrizia fighting for us! The controlling party in Hartford is clearly banking on you being an uninformed voter, don’t be! I find it hard to believe there are many Wilton residents (Democrats and Republicans alike) that want Wilton schools regionalized and decisions about the future of our town made strictly in Hartford! Vote row B for Wilton!

John Macken

Healy and Zucaro Are Neighbors, Not Politicians

To the Editor:

Our schools and our rural character are under attack from professional political activists in New Haven and Hartford. With Gail Lavielle retiring, we’ll have no one to stop the majority party from regionalizing our schools and imposing their housing diversity schemes on Wilton. That’s why I’m supporting Kim Healy in the State Senate and Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative. They are our neighbors, not slick politicians. They have generously volunteered to help defend our towns against the political machine in the state government. I trust them and I will vote for them both. I hope you will too.

Philip Murphy