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Patrizia Zucaro will Carry On for Gail Lavielle

To the Editor:

As a long-time admirer of Gail Lavielle, I will be voting for Patrizia Zucaro because I believe she will carry-on Gail’s tradition of smart, fact-based decision-making that truly represent the best interests of our community. From fiscal restraint to environmental protection to local control of zoning and education, we need a representative in Hartford who will look out for our interests, rather than fall in line with a political party. Patrizia is an experienced attorney who shares this belief that local residents, and not Hartford, should have the ultimate say about issues that most directly affect them.

Bev Sutherland

Kim Healy will Protect Our Community and Stop Reckless Spending

To the Editor:

Kim Healy is more than the best candidate for State Senator in the 26th District. Kim is a member of our community, a mother, a homeowner, a person who cares deeply about fixing Connecticut’s continued suffering at the hands of Gov. Ned Lamont and Sen. Will Haskell.

As our community’s senator, Kim will fight to retain local control of our community, saying no to school regionalization, which will undeniably hurt successful schools without addressing the actual issues affecting struggling schools, and stopping the state legislature from dictating our local planning and development or how we spend our resources.

While Will Haskell continues to bow to party politics, Kim will work for all Connecticut residents making the tough budget decisions necessary to balance Connecticut’s economy and pave the way for growth and prosperity with lower taxes for residents and a rollback of burdensome regulation and licensure requirements that hurt our small businesses.

Please join me in supporting Kim Healy for State Senate. She is the only candidate in this race who puts constituents over party politics.

Tracy Scarfi

‘Forced School Regionalization’ a Dog Whistle, When Economies of Scale Need to be Discussed

To the Editor:

“Forced school regionalization” opponents are clear on the mingling of Norwalk and Wilton kids (l’horreur!). You don’t have to be a dog to hear that whistle.

But I’m surprised a town full of accountants, financiers, and business people won’t acknowledge economies of scale. All school districts have middle/back offices–HR, payroll, maintenance, assistants, part-time employees. I’m confident an analysis of resource pooling and sharing would result in significant savings potential. It won’t affect our kids’ education, but it will positively impact our budget–a mere 1.0% savings frees up $1,000,000 for things Wilton needs or wants–dog park, Merwin Meadows improvements, bandstand for concerts, town pool–anything else that would make Wilton better. Greater savings over time could lead to years of flat taxes and/or greatly improved services.

High taxes is the number-one complaint about Wilton. Here’s an easy way to save money, and it’s rejected due to bad information and closed minds. Anyone can see the operational and financial impracticalities of a physical merger–no local politician advocates such an approach. But if we won’t explore new ways of saving money then we need to stop complaining about taxes. You can’t have it both ways.

Andy Schlesinger

To be Clear:  Stephanie Thomas Supports Local Control of Schools

To the Editor:

It’s that time of year again:  pumpkin picking, turning leaves, and whispered political attacks.

Stephanie Thomas has been loud and clear and on the record:  local control of our schools and zoning is best.

Stephanie is a thoughtful, straightforward, and accessible candidate. I urge you to call Stephanie at 203.939.9507 and share your views of Connecticut’s priorities. I did. Her record on the issues and fully developed set of policies will deliver the results we all want and need.

Don’t be misled as desperate attacks surface on social media that make false claims just weeks before Nov. 3. It’s a cowardly and shameful electoral tradition–a cynical calculation that voters won’t have time to find out the truth before casting their ballot.

Stephanie Thomas will make Hartford pay attention to our voices. She’s a strategic business consultant who knows how to build consensus to support policies that will attract new businesses and jobs to Connecticut. Your vote for Stephanie will make Connecticut a leader in recovery from the COVID-19 economy.

Be kind, take care, and stay well,

Florence Johnson

School Regionalization is a Dead Issue, Haskell and Thomas Favor Local Control

To the Editor:

Both Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas have made clear statements in favor of local control over our schools to maintain the highest standards of education. Will Haskell was the first legislator in Hartford to oppose the bills. The bills never even received enough traction for a vote.

Will Haskell is an independent and courageous policymaker who stands up for the interests of his constituents. He had a remarkable first term, getting groundbreaking policy passed.  Stephanie Thomas has been against school regionalization and has been active in Hands Off Our Schools since its inception. It is unfortunate that certain members of the Republican party are using this to cloud the real and important issues that face us in this election, like COVID-19, our economy, and healthcare. Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas will work to make Connecticut better.

Alison Mark

Joe Biden’s Health Plan is a Real Health Plan

To the Editor:

I endorse Joe Biden for President. I approve of his health plan.

His website has published a health care plan to offer everyone access to affordable health care and to lower runaway drug prices. Joe has also published a strong plan to manage the threat of COVID-19 and to implement it immediately after the election.

Health care, including combating the spread of COVID-19, is the most important issue facing our nation. Millions of people are at risk of losing health coverage or crucial consumer protection if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Every person is at risk of serious illness or death if the threat of COVID-19 continues to be downplayed by the White House.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is coming before the Supreme Court in November, and with Amy Coney Barrett on record as opposing the ACA, we need to work overtime to protect our health care!

Visit Joe Biden’s website to learn more about a real health care plan and vote like your life depended upon it. Vote Joe Biden for President, a man who’ll restore integrity again to the administration, good science again to our health plans, and hope again to the United States of America. VOTE!

Renee Santhouse

Vote Haskell and Thomas to Protect Healthcare for Mental Health–A Hidden Cause of Social Ills

To the Editor:

Mental illness lies hidden behind many social ills facing our community and larger society. It can fuel the rage that ends in gun violence and domestic violence; it can be a trigger for addictive behavior such as opioids, alcohol, or other substance abuse; and it can lead to clinical depression, even suicide. Mental illness is often hidden until it’s too late.

Stephanie Thomas believes that, “We need to ensure that our healthcare is accessible and affordable–in times of crisis and always.” She promotes “policies that eliminate the stigma and coverage gap around mental health, as our society deals with the mental effects of limited in-person interaction and fear during the pandemic.”

Will Haskell cosponsored SB 750 that addresses mental health on college and university campuses. Most mental illnesses appear before the age of 24 but only one in five college students suffering from mental illness seek help.

The pandemic is an additional challenge for those with mental illness. Telehealth services are currently being used. Haskell voted for Public Act 19-76 last year that expanded Medicaid coverage for all telehealth and worked hard to ensure that insurance would cover those services. Protect healthcare services. Vote Thomas and Haskell!

Maury Krasnow

Support for Haskell and Thomas

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas. Will advocates for common-sense legislation on issues important to Wilton. He is a strong supporter of preserving our town’s control over our school system and zoning while promoting ways to save money in our education budget and help those in need [to] access more affordable housing. Will helped pass a vital loan program that has helped our small businesses survive the pandemic. And, he has the respect of the senior state leadership, which will help him advocate for Wilton in his second term. Stephanie Thomas combines business acumen as a small business owner with compassion. She will find consensus-based solutions to affordable healthcare and environmental concerns while helping those with need pay for college. Stephanie knows how to manage to a budget while working tirelessly to “get the job done.” Both Will and Stephanie are strong supporters of sensible gun laws and a woman’s right to choose. And, both are articulate and knowledgeable candidates who always answer the voters’ questions and do not shy away from the issues or hard choices. I respectfully urge you to vote for Will and Stephanie.

Ken Hoffman

Zucaro will Lead Opposition to Regionalization and Statewide Takeover of Zoning Control

To the Editor:

If you care about protecting Wilton’s ability to set its own zoning policies and maintain our own school system, then it’s essential to cast your vote for Patrizia Zucaro. Hartford has indicated that a statewide takeover of zoning control will be on the legislature’s agenda next year, and while we thought we defeated efforts to force regionalization of school districts, that awful idea is likely to resurface. Like her predecessor Gail Lavielle, Patrizia is staunchly opposed to each of these ideas and has promised to lead the opposition. Patrizia Zucaro will represent Wilton well and deserves our vote.


Christopher Millin

Together, Haskell and Thomas will Ensure Our Interests in Hartford are Protected

To the Editor:

I urge my fellow Wilton residents to join me in voting for Will Haskell for CT State Senate and Stephanie Thomas for CT House. With the complete lack of a national response to the coronavirus and a Supreme Court poised to strip away basic human rights, our local representatives protecting our interests are more important than ever.

Will has fought for affordable and accessible healthcare as well as Paid Family and Medical Leave, all of which we need more than ever as the pandemic rages on. Stephanie is committed to protecting the environment, women’s healthcare and keeping small businesses afloat.

Together, this team will ensure our best interests in Hartford are protected.

Thank you,

Michele Bennett

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  1. It is perplexing to learn that Stephanie Thomas has been “active in Hands Off Our Schools since its inception”. If so, I read it here first. As she is not yet even a member let alone an active one, I hope that she might consider joining, at least for the few remaining weeks of campaign season.

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