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Will Haskell–Best Candidate for Women’s Rights

To the Editor:

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves many women worried about the future of our reproductive rights and freedoms. Over the years, conservative courts and legislatures in other states have been successful in limiting abortion access, and the possibility of a conservative Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade presents dangers we thought we had seen the last of. We need continued, enthusiastic support of women’s rights in the Connecticut legislature to ensure that we don’t go backward in time.

State Senator Will Haskell has been transparent about his support of a woman’s right to choose since day one. Will is endorsed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, two of the most trusted organizations fighting to protect and advance women’s reproductive healthcare.

Will Haskell has earned our trust, advancing legislation that establishes a council on protecting women’s health. This act ensures that the federal government’s actions will not encroach on access to reproductive healthcare here in Connecticut.

Will doesn’t have to be a woman to be the best candidate for women’s rights. I urge you to research all of the candidates on your ballot and determine who is making women’s health a priority.

Grace Bracken

Kim Healy & Patrizia Zucaro–Independent, Reliable Advocates for Wilton’s Needs

To the Editor:

Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro are superb choices for anyone rightly concerned about efforts to force Wilton schools to regionalize, and similarly bad ideas propagated by Hartford.

As Wilton fought regionalization proposals, Will Haskell reassured voters that forced or coerced regionalization would not happen, then supported a comprehensive Governor’s bill all but ensuring it would. Haskell thus cynically aligned himself not with his constituents, but with those suggesting his constituents and others had racial motivations for opposing regionalization.

Patrizia Zucaro’s opponent for State Assembly has already previewed similar tactics, accusing Rep. Gail Lavielle of using “coded” language before the BOS in addressing Hartford’s looming attempts to control local zoning. That accusation was not only false and inflammatory but intended to limit and quiet opposition. As with Haskell, such gamesmanship previews dogmatic, partisan loyalty in service of the Hartford majority, constituents be damned.

Hartford is not giving up on forced regionalization, centrally-planned zoning, and other bad ideas, and we cannot afford cynical and partisan, split personalities of aspiring politicians who offer cheerful reassurances at home but do and say the opposite in Hartford, when it counts. Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro are independent, reliable advocates that our community needs.

William Lalor

Healy will Make Tough Decisions and Return Accountability to Statehouse

To the Editor:

I support Kim Healy for State Senator in the 26th District. Connecticut has suffered over the last two years due to the fiscal recklessness of Governor Lamont and Senator Will Haskell. Connecticut’s total debt service eats up 30% of the general fund which is three times that of other state budgets. Senator Haskell’s support for kicking the can down the road is irresponsible and places the debt burden squarely on the shoulders of our children.

As our Senator, Kim will focus on making the tough decisions needed to balance the budget and return accountability to the statehouse. She will work to make Connecticut more competitive by rolling back regulations, which disproportionately hurt lower-income people.

Kim is a Wilton resident, homeowner and mother who cares deeply about our community and will work hard for her constituents. Kim will fight to stop the majority party in Hartford from seizing control over local zoning laws. Senator Haskell was asked where he stands on local zoning law control but he has repeatedly refused to answer. Join me in supporting Kim Healy for State Senate. She is the only candidate in this race who puts constituents over party.

Joe Burke

Fed Up with CT Democrats, Voting for Zucaro

To the Editor:

I am an unaffiliated voter, and I have to say, I’ve had it with Connecticut Democrats. They’ve controlled the legislature for 40 years, and during that time, the state’s economy has been either stagnant or deteriorating. They try to distract from this failure by trying to bring national political initiatives to Connecticut. A recent tactic is to blame well-managed small towns and try to make residents feel guilty to mask their inability to manage Connecticut’s cities!

I want a representative who focuses on the economy, education, infrastructure, and letting us run our town. That’s why I’m voting for Patrizia Zucaro.


Christo Kydes

Small Businesses Need Stephanie Thomas

To the Editor:

Wilton needs Stephanie Thomas to represent us in  Hartford. At this uncertain time, Stephanie’s natural optimism, unflagging hard work, and consensus-building skills will help our town achieve results for issues that matter. She is focused on repairing the economy, reforming healthcare, and improving voter access.

Small businesses need Stephanie. She owns a small business herself in the non-profit management segment which is why she supports (1) federal loans and stimulus money for local businesses, (2) working with Advance CT to retain and recruit businesses, and (3) partnering with the Shared Work Program. Vote Stephanie Thomas for state house in November.

Carol Ball

Unwavering Support for Affordable Healthcare from Haskell

To the Editor:

Will Haskell believes healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury that only a fraction of the population can afford. Connecticut deserves easy access to affordable healthcare.

During his first term, Haskell fought for more affordable and accessible healthcare for Connecticut residents. He voted to extend protections for individuals with preexisting conditions, so they never go without care. He also fought unfair billing practices by insurance companies, such as surprise billing.

Haskell has promised to continue to fight for affordable healthcare throughout Connecticut by supporting the Connecticut Plan. This plan would introduce a public option for small businesses, non-profits, and their employees, offering affordable and high-quality healthcare to 700,000 individuals. The Connecticut Plan would foster a competition that pushes private companies to lower their prices so the entire healthcare marketplace benefits.

According to a study done in 2019 by KFF, 29% of adults reported not taking prescription drugs due to cost. Senator Haskell co-sposored and promised to continue fighting for legislation to promote prescription drug reform and bring down their dramatically rising costs. Such legislation’s key to expanding access to healthcare.

Because of his unwavering support for affordable healthcare for Connecticut residents, I am voting for Senator Will Haskell.

Jerry Gristina

Economic and Social Empowerment of Women in Our Community a Priority for Haskell

To the Editor:

Advancing gender and sex equity in Connecticut is of deep importance, with broad implications that extend to the state’s economic growth, health outcomes, educational attainment, and more. Senator Will Haskell’s record evidences a firm commitment to this cause.

Last May, Senator Haskell voted for historic legislation that will bring paid family/medical leave to Connecticut. Women are too often forced to make a choice between their career and meeting their families’ needs, especially low- and middle-income women who struggle to afford childcare; this stands in the way of financial independence, career advancements, and ability to provide for their families, while also curtailing contributions to the greater economy.

Senator Haskell has also fought for greater protections in the workplace. He cosponsored the Time’s Up Act, which hones down on workplace discrimination, makes reporting sexual harassment safer, and expands mandatory sexual assault training to most Connecticut workplaces. Most importantly, he has laid out a structured future commitment, which includes advancing legislation to bridge the gender wage gap and address sexual assault on college campuses.

Senator Haskell has prioritized the economic and social empowerment of women in our community, and I am proud, as a college-aged woman, to support his candidacy.


Jessica Highland

Haskell and Thomas–Fiscally Responsible

To the Editor:

I hear frequently from my neighbors:  they want our local politicians to be socially inclusive while being fiscally responsible. Fortunately, that describes our Senator Will Haskell and our future State Representative Stephanie Thomas. Haskell fought to keep our state’s rainy day fund flush, fighting against politicians attempting to raid that fund for highways and other projects. Thomas founded and operates a small business and knows personally how to guard against waste. I ask you to join me in supporting Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 3. We need their voices in Hartford.

Thank you,

Pilar King

Haskell and Thomas will Make Things Better in CT

To the Editor:

Will Haskell has done a great job as our State Senator. Stephanie Thomas will do a great job as our State Representative.

Will has proven how Democrats can make positive changes in Hartford, including increasing investment in transportation in Fairfield County; enacting more common-sense gun reforms; reducing the cost of higher education; and increasing investment in our rainy day fund. Will also has been a strong and effective advocate for the Wilton Public Schools.

Stephanie has the drive and the business experience to be just as effective in representing us in Hartford. Republicans tell us all the time what is wrong with Connecticut, but they do not offer any real solutions.

Will and Stephanie will be working all the time to make things better in Connecticut. You can learn more about Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas [online].

Michael Kaelin

Haskell has Championed Independence of Wilton’s Schools

To the Editor:

Senator Will Haskell has been a champion for Wilton’s public schools and for their independence. He was the very first legislator to object publicly to forced regionalization proposals last year, and he fought tirelessly to ensure that Wilton will control Wilton schools. More recently, he pushed back aggressively and publicly against Hartford’s strategy for schools to plan for either an all-in-person or all-virtual school year. He listened to Wilton’s superintendent and parents, and his direct advocacy changed Hartford policy to allow for a hybrid teaching model. We need Will Haskell to continue representing us in Hartford.


Craig Muraskin