Election 2021 Endorsements for Tuesday, Oct. 19: Himes, Haskell, and Kaelin

GOOD Morning Wilton publishes endorsements received by the candidates. This information has been compiled from press releases sent by the campaigns or endorsement letters sent to GMW by public officials, civic organizations, interest groups or recognizable individuals. These are not endorsements from GOODMorningWilton.comTo learn more about our election coverage guidelines and policies, click here.

Rep. Jim Himes Endorses Democratic Slate: “Knowledgable, Driven, Experienced”

Congressman Jim Himes has endorsed this year’s Wilton Democratic slate. His office issued the following statement of endorsement:

“I’m proud to endorse this year’s entire Wilton Democratic slate of candidates. This is a team of knowledgeable, driven, and experienced candidates who will bring a positive voice to Wilton and build a brighter future for all its residents. I hope you’ll join me in supporting these extremely qualified Democratic candidates this Nov. 2.”

State Sen. Will Haskell Says Democratic Candidates for BOS, BOE and BOF  have Vision for Wilton’s Future and Plan to Get There

Wilton’s State Senator Will Haskell (D-26) provided the following letter of endorsement for several Democratic candidates running for office (Board of Selectmen, Board of Education and Board of Finance) in Wilton’s municipal election:

When I cast my ballot, I look for candidates who have a vision for the future of our community and a plan to get us there. That’s why I’m writing in support of Bas Nabulsi, Keith Denning, Sandra Arkell, Frank Bria, Deborah Low, Nicola Davies and Pam Ely. I’ve gotten to know these spectacular candidates and heard their plans to support Wilton’s schools, promote civic engagement and keep taxes low. I encourage you to get to know them as well — I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Deb has wisely steered the Board of Education through turbulent times, prioritizing the needs of students and ensuring they could return to the classroom safely. As the Principal Accounting Officer for MasterCard, Sandy brings a wealth of experience from the private sector toward bettering the town she loves. When Bas and Keith aren’t campaigning (you may see them on your doorstep sometime soon), they spend their time serving clients who cannot afford an attorney (Bas) or refugees in need of healthcare (Keith). Pam is an educator, Nicola is an environmentalist, and Frank a champion for public schools. I can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish when Wilton gives them the chance.

Will Haskell
State Senator, 26th District

BOF’s Michael Kaelin: “Keep Wilton Moving Forward With Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria”

Former Selectman and current Board of Finance member Michael Kaelin offered his support for Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria, who are running to serve on the Board of Finance.

To the Editor:

Vote for Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria to keep the Board of Finance and Wilton moving forward. Sandy and Frank are the most qualified candidates for the Board of Finance. Sandy is an executive vice president and principal accounting officer for a multinational financial services corporation. Frank is a senior vice president with a multinational property/casualty and life/health reinsurance company. We are fortunate that they are volunteering their time, knowledge and experience to serve us.

I currently serve with Sandy on the Board of Finance. I cannot overstate the contributions she makes to the board. She is a vital member. I have known Frank personally and professionally for 15 years and know he will make a great addition to the board. The last time we had four Republicans on the Board of Finance, the four of them unilaterally cut the town and school budgets and took us backwards. The Democrats now have four of the six positions on the Board of Finance, and all six members of the Board of Finance work collaboratively to do what is best for Wilton. Vote for Sandy and Frank to keep us moving forward.

Michael Kaelin
Former Selectman and Current Board of Finance Member