Peter Wrampe is the chair of the Wilton Republican Town Committee.

“Your Friends. Your Neighbors. Reliably Local.” You’ve seen the signs around town. We want Wiltonians to know that, regardless of any political differences, we are your friends and you, ours. We’ve helped each other during the aftermath of storms. Our kids play on the same teams and go to the same schools. We eat at the same restaurants and attend the same houses of worship. We successfully work together on boards and commissions for the common good of Wilton. We are neighbors, and you can rely on us to do what is in Wilton’s best interests.

The Row B slate of candidates and the Republican Town Committee have not lobbed personal attacks against opponents. Our determination to run a clean campaign is a far cry from the letters by Democratic Town Committee members attacking Row B candidates, even unaffiliated candidates, on the web pages of GMW for weeks now.

The Row B slate of candidates across the board are friendly, neighborly, and truly local — they’ll look to Wiltonians of all political stripes for guidance rather than relying on a state party platform. Our candidates have not sworn allegiance to a platform imposed by a state party that has repeatedly attempted to take control of our schools and planning and zoning prerogatives. Our candidates’ commitment to serving Wilton’s interests stands in stark contrast to the imperatives of the Wilton DTC, which this summer adopted its state party’s platform, which includes the language that some regionalization may be required.

Meanwhile, our time at the recent Hazardous Waste Day reinforced my faith in the ability of Wiltonians to come together! We were able to talk with many of you and happily noted that the vast majority were welcoming and open to our candidates’ ideas. We sincerely hope our opponents had the same experience.

Our slate of individuals is exceptional this year, with a wide diversity of backgrounds that reflects many segments of Wilton’s population. Our slate includes unaffiliated candidates (Jared Martin and Tara Pagano) and Republicans; descendants of the Revolution and first-generation immigrants (Monty Du and [myself], Peter Wrampe); and a native Wiltonian who is a natural fit for the Board of Finance (Matt Raimondi). It includes the youngest (Jill Warren) and the most tenured (Chris Gardner, since 1984) elected individuals currently serving in Wilton’s government, as well as other respected incumbents who have served Wilton superbly (Stewart Koenigsberg on BOF, Christopher Pagliaro on Planning & Zoning, and constables Lianne Griswold Acosta-Rua and Lisa Pojano).

Our slate includes business owners (construction president Rich Santosky for Board of Finance and Wilton Handyman Justin Anderson for ZBA); a former Wilton YMCA board director (Chris Wilson for P&Z), and concerned citizens and parents (Jess Christ and Jared Martin for Board of Education) who want to drive improvement after recent declines in our school system. Like Martin Luther King Jr., they believe, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.”

Kim Healy (for Board of Selectmen) embodies our slogan — she has volunteered with and led organizations in Wilton in so many ways, always with a smile and supported by friends from every walk of life.

All of the Row B candidates are excited to serve you, their neighbors and friends of all beliefs. Vote Row B for civility in local politics! Do we want Wilton to be the master of our ship, or do we want Hartford’s agenda? The choice is clear. Vote Row B this year for a Wilton run for Wilton, not as part of a larger political agenda! I could not be prouder to recommend these candidates to you.