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Kim Healy Deserves Better

To the Editor:

Wilton depends on the dozens of talented people who generously give their time and expertise to ensure that our town runs smoothly and remains one of the best places to live. We should be thanking them at every opportunity.

Instead, these selfless neighbors have had to endure sly innuendo from partisan activists who casually spread the most vile disinformation on social media. For years Toni Boucher has had to tolerate poisonous posts on Facebook and Twitter about her age, her looks, and her inexhaustible energy. Now Kim Healy is coming in for the same treatment. What’s different this year is that the slander about Kim is endorsed and promoted by her opponent and the Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC). This is unacceptable.

Kim Healy deserves better. She serves Wilton with competence and joy and asks for nothing more than your vote. Local and national Democrats talk piously about “democracy” but if we want good people to run for office we need to give them our respect regardless of their party affiliation.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Philip Murphy

Voters Deserve to Hear from Republican Candidates: Do You Support Party of Trump?

To the Editor:

I’m concerned that in the face of the Jan. 6 Commission findings, revealing the serious effort by the then-president to knowingly overturn a legitimate election, we have heard nothing from local Republicans disavowing that President or the Republicans at a national, state, and local level who supported him. As the issues that matter most — reproductive rights, gun safety, voting access — are increasingly left to states to decide, voters deserve to know where the local GOP stands. Are you the party of Trump or the traditional Republican party a strong democracy needs? Do you agree with what’s happened to your party at a national level? I have not heard from Toni Boucher or Kim Healy on these issues. I know where Ceci Maher and Keith Denning stand — I’ll vote for them. Until I hear otherwise from Republican candidates I’ll have to assume they’re fine with what’s happening to their party.

Leslie Holmes

Canvassing with Ceci Maher and Keith Denning Shows their Dedication, Knowledge and Care for Constitutents

To the Editor:

Just recently, I had fun (and learned so much) knocking on doors with two very passionate Democratic candidates: Ceci Maher (State Senate) and Keith Denning (State House). Ceci and Keith have each visited over 3,500 homes in their respective districts that include Wilton.

Both these candidates have dedicated their careers to serving the community. Ceci, who has led non-profits, supports protecting reproductive freedoms, preventing gun violence to keep children safe in schools, and fighting climate change through the lens of increased jobs and improved transportation systems.

Keith, who practices as a nurse anesthetist, pledges to champion a public health care option to increase competition and reduce costs, ensure students have improved access to mental health resources, and keep local control of our schools.

Out on the campaign trail, Ceci and Keith’s main focus was understanding the concerns of their constituents. Their in-depth knowledge on issues was enlightening.

I’ll be back out canvassing with Ceci and Keith because they are the right choice for our future and that of our children. Please join me in voting for Ceci Maher and Keith Denning on Nov. 8.

Wendy Roseberry

Community in Good Hands with Someone Like Kim Healy

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in strong support of Kim Healy for election to the CT State House of Representatives.

I first met Kim during a campaigning event when I ran for Wilton’s Planning & Zoning Commission in Fall 2019. Immediately, I was impressed by her intelligence and enthusiasm for the community. Kim told me about all of her volunteer service, including her time as treasurer for the Wilton Library. She’s also served on the Wilton Conservation Commission and is a strong proponent for a sustainable and healthy environment. From our first meeting, it was clear to me that someone like Kim could be a great advocate for others. Accordingly, it was no surprise when she was elected last fall to Wilton’s Board of Selectmen.

With someone like Kim as our State Representative, our community would be in great hands. Kim has a robust background in public accounting and is focused on a pro-growth economy that wouldn’t overburden our community with taxes. In addition, Kim is committed to finding a collaborative solution to housing affordability.

Kim has my vote, and I hope she will have yours too.

Jill Warren

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher Deserve Our Support

To the Editor:

I am writing to GOOD Morning Wilton to lend my voice on the upcoming elections. Toni Boucher has been leading the effort against school regionalization and in support of local control of schools over many years. Toni has been leading various efforts during her stints as representative and state senator at Hartford. She is contesting for the 26th Senate [District] and deserves our support based on her advocacy and great representation of our district. Kim Healy has great experience in the private sector and will bring her support for local control and autonomy in our kids’ education. She has been involved actively in efforts against regionalization and would strongly advocate for our interests and is the right candidate for the 42nd House District. Both candidates will bring in pragmatic leadership and also work to improve the business competitiveness of Connecticut. They deserve our support and I hope the readers do too.


Shri Seshan

Toni Boucher Has Earned Our Vote

To the Editor:

Wilton owes Toni Boucher so much. If you live, work, or go to school in Wilton, you have been touched by Toni. She served for years in town government including crucial years when she was Chair of the Board of Education. As a leader in the State Senate, she was an outspoken advocate for quality education throughout the state.

On transportation, she secured the funds to computerize the Danbury branch signal systems and buy new rail cars. She protected Wilton’s unique character by getting the state to widen Route 7 rather than build a multilane highway through the center of town.

Toni continues to defend our town using her experience, intelligence, limitless energy, and compassion. I plan to vote for Toni Boucher on Nov. 8 and I hope you will too.

Nadia Murphy

Kim Healy Understands Decisions Must Be Made Responsibly, and Locally

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Healy for State Representative. Now, more than ever, Connecticut is facing a movement from Hartford where the state wishes to control local zoning regulations in a way that would impede local zoning decisions to be made, thereby changing the built landscape of each community to become a more generic, more urban environment. They are looking to erase the diversity that makes each town unique and special. I see this firsthand given my position on Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The bureaucrats in Hartford are doing this without looking at the individual assets, topography, services, and landscape that give each community its unique character. Whereas I personally support innovation and change, the Hartford-controlled “one size fits all” nature of their thinking is an inappropriate course. With that, we need strong leadership — someone who is willing to voice a more traditional approach to development — and leadership that understands the importance of proper development, especially as it relates to economic development and its positive impact on our taxes. Kim Healy understands that history and understands that decisions have to be made responsibly, and locally.

Christopher Pagliaro

Keith Denning will Protect Your Rights

To the Editor:

I hear local Republicans talk about threats to our local autonomy here in Wilton and in our neighboring towns. I want to counter that with [the] endorsement of a candidate who will protect our rights and local independence. I endorse Democrat Keith Denning for State Representative.

I’m concerned that local Republicans will be in lock-step with the national Republican agenda — an agenda that eliminates women’s reproductive rights and promotes unfettered open-carry of guns. Republicans have already brought their national agenda to New Canaan and eliminated the New Canaan School District’s objective on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Keith has spent his professional life as a nurse anesthetist, saving people’s lives and making our world a better place for everyone.

Keith believes in strong local control of education, creating a society where everyone can thrive, common-sense gun laws, and preserving a woman’s right to choose.

With Keith Denning, your voice will be heard and your rights protected. I urge you to vote for Keith on Election Day, Nov. 8.

Ross Tartell

Toni Boucher will Fight for What’s Important to Us

To the Editor:

My candidate of choice is Toni Boucher for the 26th District State Senate seat. Toni’s local knowledge of the issues facing the residents of southwestern Connecticut along with her experience in Hartford is what we need to get our problems the attention and action needed. She isn’t an empty suit with “rock-star” appeal. Connecticut voters know the difference and want results. From her professional career in the private sector to her extensive public service work for our community, Toni knows what real work is, just like you, the residents of Wilton and the surrounding communities. Her previous bipartisan legislative achievements in Hartford continue to make a difference in the everyday lives of so many of Connecticut’s residents and businesses. Toni wants to continue making our District better by fighting for what is important to us: maintaining local control of residential property rights as well as education and parental involvement in their child’s education and keeping the district and Connecticut’s communities safe and affordable. It is no wonder why she was unanimously endorsed by the local town delegates. I am strongly supporting Toni Boucher for State Senator and am urging you to vote for Toni this November.

Christopher S. Wilson, PE, LEED AP

Keith Denning will Fight to Safeguard Choice, Expand Reproductive Care Access, and Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

To the Editor:

I support Keith Denning for State Representative (D) for the 42nd district of Connecticut. I strongly suggest that all voters take a good look at this knowledgeable man’s credentials and priorities: you will agree he is the representative we want for our district.

Keith will fight for people to succeed through education, to curtail gun violence, modernize Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure, preserve the environment, and protect LGBTQ rights. Most importantly, Keith will fight to safeguard state-level protections for choice, expand reproductive care access, and work with allies to keep abortion safe and legal.

A long-standing health care provider, Keith Denning is acutely aware of quality of care and the myriad health problems generated when women lose the right to choose their own health care. We need legislators who understand the extreme stress that women and families face when abortion is not legal. Women and their partners need to plan their families, chart their futures, and improve their lives, without fear of repercussions. We must not live in a world where women resort to the backroom abortion methods prevalent before Roe vs. Wade, in 1973.

Vote for Keith Denning, on Tuesday, November 8. Help keep Connecticut safe for all.


Renee Santhouse

Voting for Ceci Maher Promotes Ethical and Humane Values 

To the Editor:
My wise father used to say, “Don’t confuse kindness for weakness.”

Ceci Maher combines kindness with decades of proven competence, consciousness, compassion and a fine ability to confront issues based on humane and fair values.

A vote for Ceci will assure that our ethical and humane values will be realized more fully.

Dee Unterbach