State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-43)

The following is a statement Toni Boucher, the Republican candidate for the State Senate 26th District, released Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, after Democrat Ceci Maher was declared the winner

Eight months ago, I announced I was “getting off the sidelines” and running for the 26th State Senate District.

Eight months later, after the election, I just want to tell you how grateful I am to all of you.

I have fought the good fight and finished the race. With a district that is now split 61% to 39% it was an uphill climb and not a likely win. But I gave it my all and left nothing on the field.

I am extremely proud of our honest campaign and the great people and students that stepped up to help. There are so many supporters to thank: my treasurer and deputy treasurer; dedicated support staff; fellow candidates; our Republican Town Committee volunteers; my amazing student interns and legions of drivers. There were those who walked up many front doors with me, had events for us and donated to us. Friends stepped up to decorate our headquarters, post signs or said a kind word that picked me up when the road seemed too tough. The silver lining is all the wonderful new friendships made and old friendships rekindled. That is what will last and is my greatest reward.

I also want to thank my husband who is always with me in spirit and a family who never wavered in their support — even as they wished that I would have a calmer, more peaceful life and start cooking again.

There were so many lovely people who welcomed me into their homes. They renewed my faith that most people are kind, no matter their politics and want only the best for our community and our country. This tells me we will be OK. Our democracy is intact.

I also want to congratulate terrific colleagues who won or did not win their races. They worked extremely hard and earned our thanks for running.

And to those that did win — you have a huge responsibility to do what is right for the people of our district. Go to Hartford and help make our state more affordable and safer, defend local control, and protect parents’ rights and decisions over our children’s education. Most important, respect and listen to those that differ from your point of view. Always remember that being in office is not about you but the office you hold.

It is now up to the next generation to carry the torch and I remain here to help whenever needed.