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Farah Masani will have a positive influence

To the Editor:

I am thrilled that Farah Masani is running to be a selectperson for Wilton, CT. Farah and I quickly connected around town budget discussions, environmental concerns, local and national social justice issues, and good food. Her determination to step in and educate others while advocating for a cause is commendable, and her willingness to listen to the experiences of others demonstrates her humble leadership. 

Farah has her hands on causes and events happening across our town and she is wholeheartedly committed to making our community a positive and loving place for all, especially our youngest residents. She is well connected locally and has a thirst for global knowledge and impact, is always willing to learn new things, and will take on challenges that others might shy away from. 

While Farah has an extensive management background, which will inevitably increase her possible impact in our town, her ability to be bold, to question the status quo, to engage others, especially those who may not normally have their voices heard. Farah Masani will have a positive influence in our community, this is what sets her apart. Farah will positively impact Wilton. 

Julie Corbett

Wilton is a better place because of Farah Masani

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Farah Masani’s candidacy for the Wilton Board of Select Persons. 

Farah is an activist, an advocate, a volunteer, a leader, a friend, and an incredible member of our community. Whether it is through her presidency of Trackside Teen Center, her work with Middlebrook PTA or any of her other countless town volunteer positions, Farah has made her mark on Wilton. She is driven by passion and is dedicated to making our town a better place for all. She believes in building an environment where everyone feels connected, valued, included, safe and can thrive.

Farah is a person of action. I have gotten to know her through her efforts with Wilton Pride. What was born as an idea has turned into a groundswell because of Farah’s leadership. She has mobilized a community and created much needed education, support and meaningful change for Wilton.

I believe Farah embodies the board’s core principles of civility, respect and understanding. Wilton is already a better place because of her and I know she can continue to make an impact on shaping the future of our town. Please join me in my support for Farah Masani.

Michelle Shia

Farah Masani works tirelessly for the betterment of Wilton

To the Editor:

My name is Tammy Thornton and I am writing in support of Farah Masani’s run for Board of Selectpersons.

I met Farah in 2018, when I was first volunteering for Wilton Go Green and we were trying to get the first Zero Waste Faire organized. I watched in awe as this woman came into our meetings, got her directives and came back with even more than was asked of her. I’ve had the opportunity to continue to work with Farah over the last few years in different capacities and continue to be in awe as she works tirelessly for the betterment of our town.

Farah has incredible personal drive, determination, passion for our community, the willingness to ask the questions many will not, and the ability to implement change based on her unique ideas and perspective.

Farah has shown her passion for public service in her many years of volunteering with the Boys Scouts, Trackside, PTAs, Wilton Pride, Town committees and more! Farah is extremely motivated by a desire to bring about positive changes, inclusivity and community collaboration to our town.

Support Farah Masani for Board of Selectpersons

Tammy Thornton

Wilton will benefit greatly from Farah Masani’s representation

To the Editor:

I am excited to support Farah Masani for the Board of Selectperson[s]. 

I discovered Farah on Facebook where she contributed valuable content in community groups like 411, Middlebrook Community, and Working Moms of Wilton. Her knowledge and impact were evident. Witnessing her organize events at school, Trackside, and the Wilton Library in coordination with Wilton Pride left me inspired by her dedication and energy.

Farah impressed me. She gets things done with incredible compassion. Farah is generous with her time, talents, and has a wealth of experience.  She is an advocate and community organizer. Farmer by trade, she is also the head of purchasing at Barcelona Wine Bar. Despite these time-demanding roles, she still finds time to help the PTA, Trackside, WYC, and scouts. 

Farah is a change agent. Her ability to implement change can be seen in the way she collaboratively worked with multiple organizations across Wilton to make Wilton Pride a success from the ground up. Farah is extremely motivated by a desire to bring about positive changes and improvements to Wilton by addressing issues not receiving sufficient attention. Wilton will benefit greatly from Farah Masani’s representation.

Julia Mord

Farah Masani promises to be a substantial asset

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Farah Masani‘s candidacy for the Wilton Board of Selectmen/Selectpeople. Farah and I met in 2017 through our children who are in the same grade in Wilton Public Schools. Immediately what struck me was Farah’s openness and dynamic energy.  

Farah possesses a natural talent for forging connections, coupled with an innate curiosity and genuine concern for both individuals and our community as a whole. Throughout the years, we have collaborated on various community-driven endeavors in Wilton, initiatives that Farah introduced me to including the WPS PTA, Wilton Youth Council Class Project 2027, Wilton Pride, and Trackside. 

Farah’s passion for this community, her ability to identify unmet community needs and mobilize people around shared causes and define positive outcomes has already accomplished great things for our town. It is precisely these attributes that qualify Farah as an exceptional candidate for the Board of Selectpeople. Farah Masani’s presence on the board promises to be a substantial asset, one that will undoubtedly lead to a positive impact for Wilton.


Robin Law

Vote for Josh Cole’s proven leadership with tangible results

To the Editor:

Unbiasedness, Ethics and Experience are Critical to Wilton’s Advancement and Safety …

Exercising your right to vote is important. Supporting a candidate that is proven and who makes decisions based on facts and alignment with our Town’s mission is essential for the progression of Wilton and its financial stability. We can vote for proven leadership with tangible results in this year’s Board of Selectman election; Josh Cole is that leader. He represents the highest level of integrity and dedication to our Town. Josh values accountability, transparency, growth, and betterment. His seasoned professional expertise in corporate real estate, law, and finance coupled with his unwavering ethics and commitment to our community through over a decade of volunteerism in our local government is what sets Josh apart from others. Regardless of how long you have called Wilton ‘home,’ Josh is the approachable leader that values your voice, your ideas, your concerns, and your desire to advance Wilton. Vote wisely. Vote for Josh Cole.

Anna Marie Bilella

Slava Servello, Tim Birch and David Tatkow are running to build a better, brighter Wilton

To the Editor:

Vote for Democrats for the Board of Finance on Nov. 7. The candidates we elect will make decisions that impact us directly and, with our town’s future on the ballot, I am not willing to leave anything to chance. That is why I am supporting Slava Servello, Tim Birch, and David Tatkow for the Board of Finance, along with Wilton Democrats up and down the ballot.

Slava, Tim, and David have an impeccable professional track record of fiscal responsibility and foresight, managing complex budgets and delivering meaningful results. As important, they have a steadfast commitment to Wilton, from Slava’s advocacy for Wilton students, including her two children, as treasurer of the Miller-Driscoll PTA to Tim’s over 31 years as an involved Wilton resident to David’s championing of public education, with his two kids attending Cider Mill. Slava, Tim, and David are not running for their own aggrandizement; they are running to build a better, brighter Wilton for our children, as well as ourselves.

On Nov. 7, please join me in voting for Slava, Tim, David, and Wilton Democrats. Let’s build a future of which everyone can be proud.

Stephen Blinder

David Tatkow’s priorities are essential to ensuring Wilton’s fiscal health

To the Editor:

I am honored to support David Tatkow, for Wilton’s Board of Finance.  Professionally, David has the financial education and professional experience required to be a valuable member of the Board of Finance. David graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2007. Since 2010, David has served as an investment adviser to several multi-billion dollar public and private pension funds.

David, his wife and two children have lived in Wilton since 2014. Both children have attended Wilton schools since kindergarten and will be attending Cider Mill this year (2023-24). David and his wife believe in the excellence of the Wilton public school system.

We need David on the Board of Finance. His priorities are essential to ensuring Wilton’s fiscal health. He is focused on providing schools the resources needed to offer a top-rated education, while, at the same time, he is committed to providing responsible fiscal oversight to minimize the financial burden on Wilton residents.

I have confidence in David’s ability to achieve his mission to maintain our excellent school district while ensuring proper use of Wilton’s tax dollars. I encourage you to vote for David Tatkow for Board of Finance.

Christine Denning

Lori Bufano, Annie Chochos, Mark Shaner and Heather Priest will insure the best education of our students

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidates running for Board of Education on the Republican ticket: Lori Bufano, Annie Chochos, Mark Shaner and Heather Priest.  Annie was a PTA co-president, has been an active volunteer in both Miller-Driscoll and Cider Mill, has a son in Cider Mill and is currently PTO President at the Greek School at Archangels Greek Orthodox Church. Mark serves on the board of The Epiphany School, is active in town (CERT and Wilton Soccer Association) and has two kids in Wilton schools (MB and WHS). Heather served as a culinary arts instructor for eight years in the Wilton schools, her husband is a current history teacher and they have two twin daughters at WHS. Lori has been active in the community and has demonstrated her ability to collaborate with colleagues on the Board of Selectmen. This combination of educational experience, community involvement, children in the schools and ability to collaborate with others will insure the best education of our students in the years ahead.  Please vote for them.

Respectfully submitted,

Warren Serenbetz

Wilton has much to gain from Farah Masani’s contributions and determination

To the Editor:

I’m writing you in support of Farah Masani for the Board of Selectperson.
Farah has consistently surpassed expectations in her contributions to Wilton. She personifies action, determination, and achievement, consistently volunteering on her accord. Her remarkable capacity to conquer challenges, dive into complex issues, and achieve results is unparalleled. What sets her apart is her exceptional talent for envisioning the larger picture and effectively executing change to benefit all.

Farah is an asset to our community and I am confident that she will continue to make a positive impact in Wilton. Our town has much to gain from Farah’s contributions and determination. Farah’s commitment to public service shines through her extensive volunteer work with organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Trackside, Wilton PTA, Wilton Pride, and various Town committees. Farah’s main focus is fostering positive transformations, promoting inclusivity, and encouraging community cooperation within our town.


Sarah McCall

Josh Cole’s steady hand provides the leadership our town needs to guide it into the future

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for the candidacy of Josh Cole for the Wilton Board of Selectmen. As a current member of the Board of Selectmen, Josh Cole has prioritized fiscal responsibility and efficiency for our town government. Josh’s commitment to Wilton and all of its citizens is evident through his prior service as chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and, currently, in addition to his position as selectman, as a director with the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. Josh has consistently demonstrated a thoughtful, calm and intelligent approach to the issues facing our town and his steady hand provides the leadership our town needs to guide it into the future. Josh will continue to work for all of the citizens of Wilton, and I strongly support his re-election to the Wilton Board of Selectmen.  

Anthony Cenatiempo

Toni Boucher and Josh Cole are just what Wilton needs to move us forward

To the Editor:

Lynne, Josh, and Kim have done an outstanding job leading Wilton on the Board of Selectmen. To continue this sound responsible leadership there is a need for proven, experienced people who can work well with employees, show respect for town residents, and earn their trust.

Toni Boucher has served Wilton as Board of Education chairman, selectman, State Board of Education member, state representative and CT state senator. In addition, Toni’s extensive business experience includes executive leadership roles in large businesses where she managed hundreds of employees, developed billion-dollar budgets and led new business development and marketing initiatives.

Josh’s Cole’s dedication to fiscal responsibility, public safety, quality education, and an attractive, welcoming community in Wilton will continue in his second term. An experienced lawyer with years of service on multiple town boards, we need to continue his steady service to our town.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to Wilton, Toni Boucher for First Selectman and Josh Cole for Board of Selectman, are just what Wilton needs to move us forward.

Strong proven leadership, nonpartisanship, and civility, that is what Toni and Josh will bring to Wilton top positions. Please vote for this outstanding team on Row B this Nov. 7.

Hella Mc Sweeney

Josh Cole and Lori Bufano are what we need in Wilton

To the Editor:

Volunteering for local town boards takes sacrifice away from one’s job and family.   But it is also where 90% of our democracy takes place. We are fortunate to have stellar candidates step up. Selectman Josh Cole is running for reelection and Lori Bufano, a former selectman and Planning and Zoning member is running for Board of Education. They are both extremely well thought of and respected.

Josh is a partner at a prestigious law firm and has served on numerous town boards including as second selectman. He is a leader who never violates the town charter or the rules of good governance. He also gets my vote for the best dad ever.

Lori has lived in Wilton since 1973 and is a product of its schools. She previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning and Zoning Commission. She has served four years on the Board of Selectmen. She is a passionate education advocate who will bring the wise and steady leadership that the education community is seeking.

These candidates are trustworthy, fair and have always conducted themselves in a civil manner. That is what we need in Wilton! Please vote for them on Nov. 7!

Toni Boucher

Rudy Escalante has the qualifications and good judgment to serve

To the Editor:

For Board of Finance, Rudy Escalante has the qualifications and good judgment to serve on the board.  He has broad senior executive experience leading organizations in his professional career in computers and software at IBM and elsewhere. He also led a successful turnaround of the local Boy Scouts chapter where Rudy led the effort to stabilize the organization and put it on more sound financial footing. In these experiences, he has demonstrated leadership to make sound decisions regarding the financial situation facing these organizations. That experience of balancing the needs of the organization with the financial resources available is exactly the type of experience we need on Wilton’s Board of Finance.  

In addition, he has served the Wilton’s Pension Investment Committee for several years, making investment decisions and monitoring performance Wilton’s pension investment portfolio.

Finally, and importantly, Rudy and his family were our neighbors next door for over 15 years so I can personally speak to his intellect, generosity, humility, humor and good character. He and his family have lived in Wilton for over 35 years, so they know the town of Wilton well. I recommend Rudy Escalante for the Board of Finance.

Jeffrey Rutishauser

Toni Boucher and Josh Cole are the team we need for Wilton’s future

To the Editor:

The best team that has my vote on Nov. 7 is the dependable, trustworthy and nonpartisan, Toni Boucher for First Selectman and Josh Cole for Board of Selectman. Toni has already done so much for the town of Wilton. As a Wilton elected official, Toni has been successful in helping to preserve and fund Weir Farm, Ambler Farm, the Wilton Library, Wilton Historical Society and Trackside Teen Center to name a few. She also prevented a Super 7 highway through Wilton; negotiated the widening of Route 7 to four lanes while preserving Orem’s Diner; required Eversource to bury new 345-volt lines underground through Wilton; and enabled the creation of the Norwalk River Valley Trail. In addition, Toni stopped the closure of the Danbury rail line, helped to secure funding to construct Wilton Commons for seniors and countless other town and recreational improvements.

Josh Cole has served us ably as Lynne [Vanderslice]’s second selectman and accomplished so much already including reduced four-year average annual budget growth to 0.46%; AAA Bond rating, for lower borrowing costs; ensured Town Employee Retirement Plan fully funded and approved construction of new Police Headquarters.

This is the team we need for Wilton’s future.

Carolyn Reifers

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