As part of GOOD Morning Wilton‘s coverage of the elections on Nov. 3, and of the campaigns leading up to that day, we have set out some guidelines. Candidates are invited to submit op-ed pieces before the elections. Dave Clune is an unaffiliated candidate for Wilton’s Board of Selectmen.

There is so much GOOD in Wilton. Our tight-knit community spirit and ‘can do’ attitude pervade all that we do. It is this spirit and the people who demonstrate it on a daily basis that truly set us apart from other towns.

We have the essential building blocks for a GREAT town. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, I would like to see the following accomplished:

Economic Development

After organizing the recent Economic Development Forum, I am more confident than ever that the residents of Wilton have excellent, and implementable, ideas to drive economic development.

Economic development is not just about bringing more businesses into town. We must also create reasons for people to come to Wilton in the first place, to stay, and return – which will increase traffic for existing businesses and the new ones we plan to attract.

As a selectman, I will champion ideas and outside-the-box thinking, to help bring these great ideas to fruition.  To assist the town in moving forward, a dedicated professional should be hired to spearhead our Economic Development program.  This person will work with the Board of Selectmen, the Economic Development Commission and residents to put a plan into action. The plan will proactively maintain existing businesses, target new businesses identified as a good fit for the town and help them navigate the Town’s processes, as well as sell the Wilton brand every day.


In support of economic development, we need current and prospective residents to be aware of Wilton and perceive it as the preferred location for their families and businesses. This can be accomplished through a comprehensive communications plan that informs residents and makes it easier to do business in Wilton. One of the easiest ways to improve transparency and accessibility in town government is with a new website that will make forms, reports, processes, calendars, meeting agendas and minutes easier to find and share. We should also use social media to push out timely information, rather than assume residents will come looking for it.

Schools & Amenities

For the tax base to grow, and property values to increase, we must provide compelling, tangible reasons to move to and stay in Wilton over neighboring towns with whom we compete.  Our schools are our number-one asset and I will support them in every way possible as a selectman. There is also much we can do with our other existing assets:  Merwin Meadows, Schenck’s Island, the Norwalk River Valley Trail and the Rte. 7 corridor, to name a few.  And there are also new ideas we can consider:  a splash pad/play area, seating areas, or a temporary ice skating rink – which should be situated and designed with the purpose of drawing people into Wilton Center.

I support the use of public-private partnerships to help form and fund projects around town that will benefit all residents. Developing a more formalized process for public-private partnerships will allow interested individuals, who can demonstrate community support, a known process to more readily move projects forward.

I ask that you support my candidacy by learning more at Vote on Nov. 3.