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Kaelin an Asset to Our Town

To the Editor:

In a political climate where many Americans are frustrated, and perhaps even disillusioned, it is refreshing and encouraging that here, in Wilton, we have a candidate for selectman who is so much more than a choice between “this is not as bad as that.”

There are many reasons why I am endorsing Mike Kaelin for selectman. His service to our town is extensive and impressive. As a Trustee of the Wilton Library Association, Mike chaired several committees, as well as served as president of the Board. He is the selectman liaison for the Economic Development Commission, and a vice president of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Mike received a Community Service Award from CT Legal Services for his volunteer efforts on its behalf, and most recently was presented with a Distinguished Citizen Award at the Wilton Family Y Annual Community Celebration.

In addition to these well-deserved accolades recognizing his outstanding service, Mike brings so many other important qualities that contribute to his strength as a candidate–intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, and collaborative are just a few of those qualities. Mike builds consensus through his willingness to listen and to understand all points of view. He is fair and level-headed, treating all with respect and dignity.

Mike Kaelin is an asset to our town, and I urge you to vote for him for selectman on Nov. 3.

Carol Johnson

Clune Ready to Serve Interest of All

To the Editor:

Wilton friends – please join me this Tuesday, Nov. 3 in voting for Dave Clune for our Board of Selectmen.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dave and his family as friends since we moved to Wilton ten years ago. Dave has strong roots in our town, is an active volunteer in our community and understands the needs and goals of Wilton families. Whether its organizing activities at Ambler Farm or coaching on the lacrosse sidelines, Dave is a consistent and dedicated part of making Wilton great.

Dave’s experience with our Economic Development Commission has shown his focus on moving Wilton forward. His work as a compliance officer with the Federal Reserve Bank speaks volumes for his personal integrity, and as an unaffiliated candidate for the Board he’ll be ready to serve the interests of all of Wilton.

I look forward to seeing you all at the polls this Tuesday.

Dave Johnson

Kalamarides Works for the Common Good

To the Editor:

I am pleased to endorse John Kalamarides for the Board of Finance. John has demonstrated excellent knowledge and management skills in very successful financial career. He has demonstrated an ability to work for the common good of Wilton in his present role on the BoF, as he has done in other community organizations. I’ve known John for 30 years and I can attest to his well high ethical standards which are sorely needed in public service. Wilton needs John’s skills, can-do attitude and value system on the BoF. I ask that you vote for John.

Nick Davatzes

Always Impressed by McFadden

To the Editor:

Deb McFadden will be a very good Wilton first selectman. I have served on the Wilton Democratic Town Committee with Deb for many years. Also, I have participated in several nominating conventions and caucuses with her. She served a number of years as our vice chairman and as chairman of our campaign committee.

I have always been impressed by Deb’s willingness to work, by her hard work, by her talent, by her organizing and leadership ability, and by her devotion to her church and her family. I look forward to voting for Deb on Nov. 3.

Charlie Lewis

Vanderslice will do Stellar Job Leading Wilton

To the Editor:

I am supporting Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. We worked together on the board of the Wilton Playshop where, as the treasurer, Lynne was one of the only “non-theater“ board members.

She was smart and always focused on the best interests of the Playshop. The financial side of any business could sometimes be intimidating, but Lynne was and has always been the easiest person to work with and was “fun” just like the rest of the thespians on the board.

I am confident Lynne will do a stellar job leading Wilton into the future with new ideas and a fresh perspective. Please join me in voting for Lynne on Nov. 3.

Donna Savage

In Good Hands with Vanderslice

To the Editor:

I will be proud to vote for Lynne Vanderslice on Nov. 3. Through her work on the Board of Finance, Lynne has demonstrated her total command of the issues affecting Wilton, and her commitment to helping us become a more efficient and economically strong community. From listening to her speak, it’s clear Lynne has a carefully defined plan for attracting new businesses, and for finding synergies among our town departments and schools. We will be in good hands with Lynne at the wheel. She is exactly the type of innovative and smart individual we need as our next first selectman.

Chris Finkelstein

Vanderslice a Driven Leader

To the Editor:

In the political realm, I am registered as ‘Unaffiliated’ to either political party. Like many, I think of my political self as ‘socially Democrat and fiscally Conservative,’ and consider each candidate independently. I am pleased to write in support of Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. I have known Lynne for many years, and am continually impressed by her strong intellect and drive, willingness to listen and consider both sides of issues, and work tirelessly towards her goals. She would be an exemplary first selectman, and I am excited by all of her ideas and visions for Wilton in the coming years. She brainstorms, collaborates, and motivates⎯all characteristics, tied with her extensive experience, that I think will make an outstanding first selectman. Please join my husband and me as we vote for Lynne Vanderslice on Nov 3.

Julie Stein

McFadden will Provide Strong Leadership During Times of Crisis

To the Editor:

In the past week we’ve read about a massive hurricane threatening lives thousands of miles away to a bomb scare and gun threat at schools only 10 miles away. As a national family safety expert, I know that a natural disaster or some tragedy impacting Wilton is not a question of “if” but “when.”

A primary issue during this election is budget and finance and, while this is important, leadership during times of crisis is even more so. Deb McFadden understands that in order to have a strong town we need to find ways to keep all of our critical emergency services operational. What’s needed in times of emergencies is calm leadership, clear and consistent communication and the ability to unify various groups. Deb McFadden has successfully managed these sort of issues during her time in Salt Lake City and will do so here in Wilton.

As a government official in Salt Lake City, Deb listened to the needs of members of the community and created solutions, not excuses. Deb is a woman who believes in listening first and then taking action to solve problems.

Alison Jacobson

Bray will be Tremendous Asset to Wilton

To the Editor:

Gil Bray deserves our vote for selectman. He is an example of the kind of volunteer who makes service the focus of his involvement in the affairs of the town. His goals as a selectman include a fiscally responsible budget, ensuring that social services are adequately funded, and encouraging volunteerism and involvement from all ages.

I am fortunate enough to have served with Gil Bray for my first two years on the Board of Education. During that time he demonstrated an ability to work with both the professional staff and other board members in a collaborative way. Since leaving the Board of Education, Bray has continued to be active in serving the town as a member of the Energy Commission. Bray will be a tremendous asset to Wilton as a selectman.

Laura Schwemm

Wilton Needs Kaelin

To the Editor:

I am proud to support Michael Kaelin for the Board of Selectmen. Michael has a thorough understanding of the complex issues and difficulties facing our town and has been a strong and thoughtful advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency while serving on the Board of Selectmen. As a highly accomplished attorney, Michael has always been a strong advocate for his clients and I know that he will continue to be a strong advocate for us all on the Board of Selectmen. Please join me in voting for Michael Kaelin on Nov. 3.

Joshua S. Cole

Vanderslice would Advocate for Wilton

To the Editor:

We are writing to support Lynne Vanderslice for Wilton’s first selectman. Like many other families in Wilton, we love living here but have serious concerns about high taxes and economic stagnation around the state. Though careful not to say much, Democrat Deb McFadden has shown she’s aligned with Gov. Malloy and would bring more divisive Hartford politics and policies to Wilton. By contrast, Lynne Vanderslice would advocate for Wilton, not Hartford. She’s outlined a forward-looking, optimistic vision that would foster smart, meaningful economic growth in town. Vanderslice is competent, tough, and proven, and she’s the leader Wilton needs.

Bill and Jennifer Lalor

Kaelin a Great Leader

To the Editor:

I am very pleased to endorse Mike Kaelin for Board of Selectmen. I served with Mike on the Library Board of Trustees during his years as president and saw his keen attention to maintaining the services the public wanted while controlling the budget. With logical argument and passion for the right outcome, Mike was a great leader. As I watched his transition to selectman, he demonstrated the same strong knowledge and commitment to our town.

Mike has focused on decreasing taxes and increasing economic development and we should be focused on voting for Mike Kaelin on Nov. 3!

Gary C. Battaglia

Kaelin Focuses on What is Best for Wilton

To the Editor:

I am pleased to write in support of Mike Kaelin‘s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. I have personally known Mike for many years, and have been continually impressed by his thorough command of the issues, his obvious devotion to Wilton, and perhaps most of all, his genuine kindness and great sense of humor. He is the type of person who puts aside politics and focuses on what is best for the town. Mike has been a dedicated volunteer in our town for many years, and few people have a greater understanding of the issues, or vision for our future.


Libby Bufano

A Vote for Vanderslice, Kress and Balderston

To the Editor:

National media has been critical of CT’s unbridled spending and taxation splurge. Malloy’s polling numbers fall below those of disgraced Rowland’s. CT finances are ranked the fourth worst in the nation (mercatus.org).

There are 179 towns in CT. Wilton’s bonding debt after Comstock and Miller-Driscoll will be the highest in the state. Similarly, Wilton’s spending increase (splurge) since 2000 is the fourth highest in the state (yankeeinstitute.org) Deplorable, disgraceful distinctions indeed. Brennan drove us into this ditch and hopefully Lynne [Vanderslice]will lead us out of it.

Now, we have two stellar candidates for the Wilton Board of Finance. Walter Kress and Peter Balderston shared their fiscally conservative views in the Wilton Bulletin and other news articles. Their platforms are very promising and would do much to improve the Town if implemented. Their credentials are impeccable; both are seasoned, experienced executives who will bring much needed spending restraint to the Town. I plan to vote for and help them achieve their stated mission.

Ed Papp

Public Service of Balderston, Kalamarides and Kress a Gift to Our Town

To the Editor:

We are very fortunate to have Peter Balderston, John Kalamarides, and Walter Kress all ready to serve (and in John’s case, already serving) on the Board of Finance. Each has a strong background in finance and much high-level business experience, and each is a person of great judgment who is very thoughtful and knowledgeable about the best interests of our town and who seeks out as much input to the decision-making process as possible, listening to residents across the full spectrum of perspectives as well as consulting with the experts. Their public service is a real gift to our town.


Steve Hudspeth

Kaelin Impresses

To the Editor:

During the course of one’s life, we meet individuals who impress us by their character, intelligence, unselfish sense of civic responsibility, and their esprit de corp. Michael Kaelin is one such individual. His professional and volunteer experience are impressive, and he is keenly aware of the necessary cooperation that needs to exist between government, citizens, private organizations and all constituents. His work on public private partnership agreements along with his experience on several boards, most notably president of Wilton Library and the Board of Selectmen, unquestionably make him uniquely qualified to represent us as a selectman!

Phil and Elaine Lauria