In a sign of both progress on the Miller-Driscoll building project and the way the students are being made to feel a part of the renovation, the final steel beam covered in the students’ handprints was installed last Thursday, April 21. Earlier this spring all the students were given the opportunity to leave a last marking on the school with their painted handprints and signatures on four steel beams that are now part of the structure that will become the school’s new wing when it’s completed.

Building committee members, Wilton schools’ superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith and M-D administrators were on hand to put their own signatures on the final beam and watch its installation Thursday morning. Turner Construction officials oversaw the process as the steelworkers lifted the beam and put it in place.

Following steelworker tradition called ‘Topping Out,’ the beam was also adorned with an American flag and an evergreen tree. The custom has several possible explanations, including one that says the tree is a good luck charm for future occupants of the building, or another that says the tree is a way to bring ‘life’ to the building.


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