GMW’s ‘Terms of Use’ Make Community Respect a Priority

Welcome to the GOOD Morning Wilton community! The editors and founders have tried to create a news website unlike many others, one that is more of a community that respects the nature of community. Like any good community, we hope everyone keeps in mind the rights and responsibilities we each have to make sure things keep running smoothly.

This isn’t the place to cut down your neighbors, and it’s not a place for mean-spirited comments or commentary. It’s just not part of what makes Wilton, Wilton, and it’s not going to be part of what we hope this site to be.

You can see the complete “Terms of Use” and read through our FAQs to learn more, but we thought the first day would be a great time to highlight the kind of conduct we hope everyone will engage in when they take part in comments, discussions or exchanges on

Most important to us here at GOOD Morning Wilton is that we all respect the aims set out by the editors—that we respect one another. We hope the members of the community (i.e. all of you) will be proactive about reminding anyone who isn’t respectful about just what kind of place this site strives to be.

Along those lines, all comments will be moderated and the editors of GOOD Morning Wilton reserve the right to delete any comment. It is not the intent to censor or block any particular viewpoint or opinion, we’re just trying to keep the GMW community a place where everyone treats one another in a respectful way. Here are the basics:

  • Signing your full, real name goes a long way toward improving your chances of having your comments remain published on the site.
  • Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, eyewitness accounts or information, especially if it furthers a story and discussion.
  • No profane, abusive, violent, racist, sexist, bigoted, offensive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, degrading, abusive, pornographic language.  Turning off CAPS LOCK also goes a long way.
  • Please do not publish personal information about another member of the community.
  • Please do not insult or attack another commenter or writer on the site. Let’s discuss the ideas, not the person suggesting them.
  • Please avoid comments that are clearly commercial or promoting a product; also, try to stay on topic.

If you feel someone has not followed these guidelines, you can always send an email to