Question of the Day: What do YOU think is GOOD about Wilton?

We’re big fans of Wilton—we wouldn’t have put the words ‘GOOD’ and ‘Wilton’ in the title if we weren’t.  But we also know we’re not the only ones in town who think there’s lots to celebrate in the 06897. Here’s your opportunity to help us inaugurate the “Question of the Day” feature by answering our first question in the comments below: What do you think is GOOD about Wilton?

Suggest a store, a tradition, a person, a place—whatever it is about this town that you think makes Wilton an amazing town in which to live, work and play. Who knows, perhaps we’ll write about your favorite in the coming days.


Every day, GOOD Morning Wilton will ask a question, and we hope you’ll join in the fun by offering an answer. Answers may be reposted on our GMW Facebook page or elsewhere on the website.


  1. The fact that people care enough to create a forum for civil community engagement and local news! Good luck with Good Morning Wilton – congrats on the launch!

    Oh, and plenty of other stuff is great about Wilton – that’s why we live here!

  2. I like Wilton because I think our vibe is (slightly) less pretentious than neighboring towns. People are more likely to say “hi” at the grocery.

  3. OK, here are some other things I love about Wilton:

    – In the breakneck pace of the world, there is still a slow peacefulness to it. Walk your dog from the high school into town via the river trail on a summer Sunday morning and you’ll feel it. And if you happen to pass someone along the way, they generally say hi!

    – There is a ton of open space for all to use and enjoy. Our parks, trails, farms, and fields are a precious community resource and the town has historically been very forward-thinking about open space preservation. It’s a huge part of what gives the town it’s semi-rural character and appeal.

    – After 20 years living here, I can still get lost biking on back roads I’ve never been on before. No cookie-cutter street grid, a minimum of planned developments, and almost no double yellow lines! A few less hills would be nice, but what goes up must come down.

    – Our town center retains a small-town feel. People stop to chat in the stores and on the sidewalks. Many of the businesses are locally owned and managed, and many provide teen-friendly part-time jobs.

    – We have direct train service to Stamford and NYC right in our backyard. More, speedier and electric trains would be nice, but our sleepy little stations still have ample, free parking. (I’m jinxing it, I know.)

    – We are a community full of people who give back and volunteer in a thousand different ways. Where there is a need, people generally step up unselfishly and make a difference. We are neighborly and we help out when there is a call to action.

    – We have four distinct, beautiful New England seasons. There’s nothing not to like about spring, summer and fall in Wilton. Winter can be easy to hate, but also easy to love if the snow is kind enough to fall at the right time!

  4. The beauty of the town & scenic roads such as Nod Hill, amazing educators and pre-school community, the value of leaning green for our town and for our future, fabulous trails and walks with nature and last but not least…..the intelligent, kind and cool people that live here!!

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