Please have a look around the site. There is so much here we hope you’ll enjoy and find useful. Here are some features of the site we think are great:

  • Community links:  On almost every page, including the home front page, we’ve compiled a list of links to community organizations and resources that can save you time when you’re looking for information you need. Are you on our Wilton Schools page and trying to learn about preschools in town? We’ve got links to them all. Thinking of moving to Wilton and you’ve found a house that might require some additional rehab work? We have links to the permit office on our Wilton Real Estate page. Each page has just what you need for the right subject. Just look for it in the right-hand column.
  • “Monday Money Mob”—helping local businesses:  On Monday each week, GOOD Morning Wilton will highlight a local business we encourage you to visit and support with your dollars. It’s like a weekly cash-mob, or what we’re calling “Monday Money Mob.” Please consider stopping by and checking out what the retailer-of-the-week has to offer, and tell your friends if you like what you see. Better yet, consider buying something and telling your friends where they can get one just like it! We welcome suggestions for “Monday Money Mob” retailers. Email your tips to
  • Good Stuff This Week: Looking for great things to do or programs to take part in? We’ve got a great list right on the front page. There’s also a Good Stuff to Do page under the “Community” tab listing everything you’ll want to know about.
  • Volunteer! Our Volunteer! page is a great resource for local organizations who are looking to recruit new helping hands for events or to help grow. It’s also a wonderful place to look when you want to get involved with worthy Wilton groups. Just look under the “Community” tab.
  • Question of the Day:  Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, our Question of the Day feature is always a place for your contribution. It’s another place for you to connect with your neighbors by offering your answer to our daily question about all things Wilton. Look for it on the Home page or under the “Opinion” tab.