GOOD Morning Wilton has teamed up with The Pilates Advantage on a new monthly series of video health tips. Each month Mary Beth Young, the owner of Wilton-based The Pilates Advantage, will demonstrate easy exercises, movements or adjustments you can make to help integrate healthier body alignment and movement into your life.

This month, Young’s video covers “A Better Night’s Sleep,” an issue impacting a wide swath of the public. If waking up after a good night’s sleep still results in back, neck or hip pain, Young has tips for improving sleep posture and positioning to improve sleep quality.

Step-by-step, Young demonstrates easy suggestions that viewers can try very simply right at home.

The Pilates Advantage is located at 414 Olmstead Hill Rd., at Danbury Rd./Rte. 7. For more information or to book a free personalized assessment please email Mary Beth Young.