At 5:10 p.m on Friday afternoon, a large tree at 230 Rivergate Drive fell across both sides of the road. The tree caught on the power line before it fell, causing the top half of the pole to snap in half, though it is currently still partially attached. It additionally caused approximately 14 Eversource customers on Rivergate to lose power.

Paul Harris from Eversource Energy is currently working to restore power to the area.

“ A tree uprooted in front of [230 Rivergate] which broke one pole and took down the primary and neutral lines for about five sections, which is about 400 feet.” Harris said. He added that though the neutral line is down, “if anything, that’s the safer of wires to be down.”

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The neutral line, which though previously was lying on the street from 230 Rivergate Drive to 215, has since been rolled up by the power agency. The transformers are still intact despite the tree fall, though it took down what Harris said is a communication box as it fell.

Though Harris stated that some sections of Rivergate Drive may get power back shortly, the houses immediately adjacent to the poles will likely not get power back until the pole is reset, which he said could take “at least a few hours.”

“Everything is energized right now, so I’m going to go up and sectionalize it and turn everyone I can on for now,” he added.

The tree appeared to have been dead before it fell, and it partially cracked down the middle upon falling. Wilton Police have blocked off the area with orange cones for now.