To the Editor:

On Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, a beautiful memorial and tribute took place to honor a wonderful long-time resident, volunteer, actress, philanthropist, friend, and spouse–Ms. Amy Louise Carter.

Amy was especially known around the footlights of Westport Community Theatre and the long-standing Wilton Playshop where she served as president of both theaters.

The Wilton Playshop, which provided the space for the event, was filled to the brim in honor of her legacy. Former presidents, performers, designers, members and friends were present from across the US for this day. What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon of remembrance and a thank you to all of the history and benefactors who have graciously paved the way for 81 years with our local gem “the Playshop.”

As we welcome autumn and look forward to holiday time, it’s important that we take a minute to acknowledge how we got here and where we are going.

Thank you Wilton, Fairfield County, our neighbors, friends, and extended family both near and far for your continued support, compassion, and true sense of community that stands as a living testament each time we take a walk or drive down Lovers Lane.


The Wilton Playshop Board of Directors