1. Really Republicans that is all you got: Racist dog whistles and scare tactics. As a long time Wilton resident I’m disappointed in the lack of creativity and leadership here from both parties. Wilton is uniquely positioned to create true 21st century solutions to these problems. Instead, we look to isolate ourselves and hold onto our privilege. The world is changing and if we don’t change with it we will find that those things we hung onto so tightly will slip through our fingers into the dust bin of history. Wilton, let’s move forward with openness, empathy and a sense of abundance. We will all be better for it.

    • Well said Tom. I’m extremely sad that Wilton is using these tactics, I didn’t think this was the type of town we chose to raise our children. I thought we were moving to a community that prided itself on kindness and inclusion. But from the signs I’m seeing all over, perhaps we were wrong.

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