Thank You Wilton

To the Editor:

Last week was the start of the Wilton/Riverbrook YMCA “Race for Chase” camp and program. It was a special moment because it was the final step that would not have been possible without many volunteers who assisted along the way. Getting over 40 kids properly sized on a bike as well as a helmet then seeing them ride on their way capped a very rewarding experience.

A huge thanks goes out to the following:

  • Wilton Police Department:  for hosting the bike rehab and tune up session at their headquarters
  • Peg Koellmer and Realty Seven:  for ongoing leadership and support, including timely food!
  • Wilton Families:  for donating over 60 new and used bikes
  • Bike Mechanics (including Outdoor Sports Center):  for volunteering time to fix up the bikes
  • Dorel Sports/Cannondale:  for donating helmets

I’d like to extend a very sincere thank you to one donor in particular who we are unable to identify but donated a full suspension mountain bike that was truly unique in many ways. Although over 15 years old, the bike was in fantastic condition. Unfortunately it was too large for a typical camper but all was not lost. After some brainstorming and just a few minutes cleaning, it was ready to be photographed. I was able to post the bike for sale and when the auction ended, it sold for $325! The sale marked the first time we were able to sell a bike and then use the proceeds for direct support of the camp and program.

Thank you again Wilton–I look forward to contributing time towards the ongoing success of the program!

Kevin Kane