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6 replies on “Letter to Bd. of Finance: “Disappointed in Your Message About School Budget Process””

  1. This is excellent and greatly needed – I’m so glad you took the time to turn it into a full op-ed, this discussion is much too important to be confined to comments and Facebook posts.

  2. These Board off site remote zooming meetings with emails must stop. This is a Town Hall Government where we elected our leaders to attend town hall in person where voices can be heard. This town must listen in person their constituents not just the controlled close knit coterie which is happening now…

    1. EDITOR’S UPDATE: the location for the Thursday, Feb. 9 (7 p.m.) Special Meeting of the Board of Finance and Board of Education to jointly review the proposed FY’24 school budget has been moved from the usual location in the Wilton High School library to the WHS Zellner Gallery (in the Clune Center). The meeting can also be viewed via Zoom and members of the public can comment during public comment portions of the meeting in person or via Zoom. The meeting agenda is available online.

      Editor’s note: The Bd. of Selectmen meetings during the budget discussions are being conducted in hybrid — both on zoom and in person. Members of the public can participate either way (as well as by sending emails).

  3. Heather, The BOS had their first hybrid meeting on Monday. All meetings before that especially Lynne’s rejection of LGBTQ+ pride proclamation was held remotely via zoom only. That’s the easy way out.
    As Ken Dartley stated upon his resignation from the BOS a few years back …the BOS have to be more transparent and listen to the people which they are not doing…we still have the same core of politicians who have not adhered to Ken’s advice…

  4. I appreciate this letter to the editor. Ms. Sclafani accurately highlights the mixed set of feelings I’ve had and the mixed information/directives we’ve received over the last year.

  5. What an articulate, appreciated, well presented letter. Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to make the suggestions that you did. I thoroughly agree with what you’ve presented and appreciate you clear, concise commentary pointing out an unacceptable level of pure hypocrisy.

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