To the Editor:

The situation in Wilton and elsewhere has significantly changed since the start of the pandemic. In the beginning, decisions were based on limited knowledge of the virus. Fortunately, we now have a far better understanding.

Now that it appears that the state of Connecticut will no longer mandate rules regarding masks in schools, the Wilton Republican Town Committee strongly believes that our Board of Education should listen to parents, who know what is best for mask[s] for children.

We received Superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith‘s recommendations earlier today and fully support his recommendation for a “mask-optional” policy for K-12 students. Like many others, we hope that Dr. Smith and the BOE will implement this parental choice policy without delay, immediately following the BOE’s Feb. 17 meeting and the upcoming winter break.

We also agree that Wilton [should] continue to make necessary accommodations for any students who are high risk or whose parents believe they might be high risk.

We strongly encourage a civil discussion around this and other topics. While any of us might disagree with one another, as members of the community on this and other issues, all of us need to do so respectfully.

We know that the Board of Education faces parents across the spectrum who may disagree with its decisions in some instances no matter how sound the judgment and support for such decisions. We are grateful for all of Wilton’s volunteer board members who are working hard and devoting many hours of personal time on behalf of Wilton students, parents, and all residents.

Peter Wrampe
Wilton Republican Town Committee