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Constantine and DeLuca Bring Experience and Perspective to Board of Education

To the Editor:

I support Savet Constantine for the Board of Education because I trust that she’ll know when a dollar is well spent. Her extensive work with the Middlebrook PTA and the Wilton High School PTSA—she has served as president of both—and her professional experience in education and marketing give her a keen sense of what adds to our schools’ quality and reputation and what is imprudent and even wasteful. We need that discretion now more than ever.

Saying yes to anything having to do with the schools is wrong. We can’t afford that. But so is a knee-jerk “no” to new ideas based on budget. Ruth DeLuca is the kind of smart, well-informed person we need on the school board to make the distinction. Her education in social policy and economics, her work on the Miller-Driscoll PTA and that fact that she has three children in our schools give her the balanced perspective that we need. She’ll help us invest in our schools….smartly.

Valerie Rosenson

Wilton Is No Place for Partisanship, Vanderslice Deserves Our Support

To the Editor:

Knock on wood, our town is immune from the political divisions that tear at our country. Town Hall is filled with friends and neighbors, not operatives. As a result, our town runs pretty smoothly for Connecticut. In Hartford, it’s another story. This year political professionals tried to put tolls on our roads and consolidate our schools until friends and neighbors come together to stop them. Partisanship, division, and political rancor have no place in Wilton. That’s one reason I’m so pleased that Lynne Vanderslice is seeking another term as First Selectman. She has set a great example as a thoughtful, competent and cheerful leader who represents all of us regardless of political party. She deserves our support and thanks for a job done.

Philip Murphy

Cole a ‘Vital Part’ of Safeguarding Wilton

To the Editor:

Josh Cole has proven during his first BOS term what an intelligent, effective and dedicated professional and leader he is. Josh has been a vital part of safeguarding our town with his unwavering support and actions related to blocking forced consolidation of our schools, opposing tolls, saving money with resource consolidation & efficiencies, driving budget control and favoring environmental stewardship. Josh has my vote in November, and I encourage you to do the same!

Anna Marie Bilella