1. Wilton Residents, please get involved in this important environmental matter! As you can read, Suzanne and Joe have asked to be on the August 2nd BOS meeting agenda. If you would like to reach out to the Board of Selectmen to voice your opinion, here is their email address : boardofselectmen@wiltonct.org. Individuals can sign up to receive a notice with the August 2nd agenda and the supporting materials. To sign up, follow the link and under Meeting Agenda, check Board of Selectmen. https://www.wiltonct.org/subscribe

  2. How did gardening become a nuisance? A group of Wilton residents who want to share community and the joys of growing things are getting the bum’s rush? This just seems both arbitrary and reactionary. And will leave our town poorer in spirit (and tomatoes) if allowed to happen.

  3. I emailed my thoughts. I can’t believe this is happening? One of the reasons I moved to Wilton is it’s charm. I plead with the powers to be, please look into this further and help.

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