Deborah Low:  “Honor to be Re-Elected”

To the Editor:

Thank you Wilton voters. It is an honor to be re-elected to the Board of Education and a responsibility I take seriously. I commit to work on behalf of all Wilton students.

There is much work ahead. Most immediately, we must continue focus on returning to normal after COVID. This includes oversight of the “accelerated learning” model which aims to keep students learning on grade-level while addressing gaps from last year. In addition, we will continue support for the social and emotional needs of students as they re-adjust from the stress and challenges of last year.

Please stay involved by sharing your opinions, concerns, and questions with the Board as we move ahead.  We work best in partnership with families and the community.

Thank you.

Deborah Low

Keith Denning: “I’ve Learned So Much More About a Town I Love”

To the Editor:

The results of the election are in and it is confirmed that I came in third and did not win a seat on the Wilton Board of Selectmen. But for my first time running, there was little more that a 600 vote count between me and the person who attained the most votes. I think my concerns for a more robust town center, more diversity in housing opportunities and more community gathering space for music and art festivals spoke to many in the community. Almost everyone I talked with wanted the town to continue and grow its commitment to alternative energy sources. I want to thank all the town members who voted for me in the election and let you know I will continue to work toward those goals.

I would like to thank my wife, Chris and my family and friends who supported me as well as all the members of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee who not only helped run the campaign but taught me invaluable experience on how to become a successful candidate. I especially want to thank Tom Dubin, Vicki Rossi, Melissa Spohn, Ross Tartell and Deb McFadden as well as others too numerous to mention. I also want to thank those who endorsed our team of candidates including Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, Representative Hines, State Senator Haskell and State Representative Thomas.

I cannot promise if I will run for office again but I can say that I could not do it better than what we did this year. It was great fun and I have learned so much more about a town I love. I visited over 350 homes in my effort and talked with countless people about what they want to see in Wilton.

Thanks to all who voted for me and let’s all work together to make the town the best it can be for all who live here now and will call it home 50 years from now.

With Gratitude,

Keith Denning

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  1. Thank you Keith. It has become even more clear after the election that Wilton needs smart, thoughtful, measured candidates like you on our Board of Selectmen. Please run again!

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