A local group of Wilton residents is holding an event to mark the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7 at noon. They will be hosting a gathering at the Wilton Library’s Brubeck Room, and they’re inviting the community to join them.

Calling for a time of prayer and reflection and the opportunity to “gather to pray for families, community, country and world,” the event is hosted by a group of local women who gather weekly to discuss issues and pray, and who call themselves Morning Meditations With Sisters in Community. The group was started by Wilton resident Adrienne Reedy 8 years ago.

“We meet every Wednesday at my house, and we have conversations about our faith, about God, about our journey and about God in our lives. We come at it from a position that we don’t know [everything] and people feel safe to ask hard questions and to disagree, agree or walk away not knowing. It’s been a wonderful journey together,” she says.

The group periodically hosts guest speakers, and is an interfaith group that Reedy says welcomes different perspectives.

Reedy oversees the National Day of Prayer events in Fairfield County as well. She says that for Thursday’s event at the Wilton Library, they wanted to be sensitive to people who may not necessarily be very religious.

“We made sure that we found a place where we come together as a community. We’re aware there are some people who wouldn’t want to walk into a church, for whatever reason and so we found a place to host an event that would be open to all people,” she says.

While the focus isn’t planned ahead, she adds that her group often devotes their prayers toward issues important to the local community. “We pray about domestic violence, we pray about mental illness, we pray about long term illnesses and caregivers. We find topics that are important to members of our community.”

Lunch will be provided as part of the event.