Middlebrook School‘s STRIDE instructional leader and chorus teacher Janet Nobles is celebrating her students’ performances, even when they can’t all be together to perform as they usually would.

The students recorded their at-home performances on FlipGrid, one of the eLearning platforms used by the schools; Nobles then combined the performances her students submitted into one overall virtual performance of a song with a message she says is perfect for the current situation.

Enjoy this performance of “Truly Brave,” with appearances from the following students:  Nicole Allers, Patrick Angerame, Ronan Conway, Will DeBernardis, Abbie Fang, Adeeva Ghuman, Olivia Hay, Brianna Hekle, Kate Johnson, Liam Joy, Isabella Kaoud, Rory Kepner, Koko Layne, Clara Lilly, Jenna Mancuso, Charlotte Murphy, Reed O’Neill, Maria Paschalidis, Polina Popova, Josie Silva, Ellery Worst, and Beate Zemite.

3 replies on “Middlebrook 6th Grade Chorus Students Encourage Wilton to be “Truly Brave””

  1. Hey MB 6th Grade Chorus and Mrs. Nobles, Thank you for brightening my day – very much appreciated – great job!

  2. WOW! What a wonderful way to start the morning. Thanks, Janet Nobles, for this delightful treat … and double thanks to all the young choristers. Well done, everyone!!

  3. I loved listening to and seeing all the performers (including past graduates from my third grade class) at Cider Mill. Keep up the great work and stay healthy!
    Linda Krasilovsky

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