As shocking as it was for families whose children had been enrolled in the “On School Road” preschool program to hear the school would not open in one week, it was devastating news for its director “Miss” Sharon Cowley. While Cowley declined to speak with GOOD Morning Wilton, her good friend Lori Kaine reached out to express her own dismay about the closure. She also wanted to relay some thoughts she knew Sharon would want to share.

Above all, said Kaine, Miss Sharon is worried primarily about the families whose children were set to begin school in less than a week. “Sharon is concerned about her families. She really is. She’s of course upset because she has put her life and blood into this program for nine years. But more so she is worried about her families. Because she knows that they need her program. That many of them are working families and they need somewhere for their child. She’s attached to these children, so she just wants at this point a program for the kids. It doesn’t matter [to her] what program, who runs the program, she just wants to know that they have somewhere. She’s always thinking about everybody else before herself.”

Kaine said it was a difficult position in which Cowley found herself. “To parents who wished they’d known sooner—Sharon didn’t know sooner. Sharon was told that the communication had to come from the Town of Wilton, she wasn’t allowed to let people know sooner.”

Kaine also expressed her disappointment at the loss this represents for an extended group of people–even more than simply the students and Sharon. “I think that the town is losing out on a huge treasure, and an affordable treasure at that. The people who get hurt are the families who need places for their children; the women who have worked at the school for years; and her program is not just about the kids. There are women who taught for her who have now lost their jobs. In the summer she hires college kids who come home, the interns in the senior program at the high school, they worked there. Even younger high schoolers, they have a work study program and she’s had some of those students come and work for her. It’s so much more than just a preschool—it’s a lot more than that.”

The frustration Kaine felt on behalf of her friend was evident: “In my opinion the right thing to get done is make sure these programs continue. Tell me, Why can’t they continue? The roof has been leaking a long time, you’ve fixed it before. If they didn’t realize the licensing mistake, then someone has to fix it.”

She added, “It’s not fair for the town of Wilton, it’s not fair for the teachers, it’s not fair for Sharon, it’s not fair for anyone.”