New Terms Begin for Town Boards and Commissions

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) made a number of reappointments to Wilton’s various Town boards and commissions, as many terms are set to expire on Nov. 30.

At the Mon., Nov. 21 BOS meeting, the selectmen voted unanimously to approve the following slate of reappointments:

  • Architectural Review Board (terms expire Oct. 21, 2023): John Doyle, Sam Gardner, Kevin Quinlan, Rob Sanders
  • Conservation Commission (terms expire Nov. 30, 2025): Azad Sadiqua, Jeff Lapnow
  • Council on Ethics (terms expire Nov. 30, 2025): Rhonda Brown
  • Economic Development Commission (terms expire June 30, 2024): Marty Avallone, Prasad Iyer, John DiCenzo, Jake Lubel, Peter Squitieri
  • Fire Commission (terms expire Nov. 30, 2024): Casey Healy, Terrie Schwartz
  • Inland Wetlands Commission (terms expire Nov. 30, 2025): Penelope Koechl, Nicholas Lee
  • Housing Committee (terms expire Nov. 30, 2024): John C. Kelly, David Rintoul, Ryan Sullivan, Steven Parrinello
  • Wilton Employees Retirement Plan Investment Committee (terms expire Nov. 30, 2025): Kenneth Hoffman

Open Positions

Numerous openings are currently available for residents interested in volunteering to serve.

Some boards and commissions (like the Housing Committee or Building Inspectors Board of Appeals) are looking for members with specific skills, but many are open to individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.
Information on open positions and how to apply may be found on the Town website.


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