In early May, The New York Times marked World Press Freedom Day (May 3) and asked the public to support community journalism by subscribing and donating to local news organizations. GOOD Morning Wilton was the only local news organization in Wilton included on the NY Times list.

“News organizations need your help so they can continue to help you,” The Times said in a campaign titled, “Support local journalism.”

This is the campaign’s second year, and The Times included GMW in its database of trusted local news outlets both years. The publications recommended by The Times are vetted by professional organizations including Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION). GMW is an active member of both the Society of Professional Journalists as well as LION, which is “committed to strong local independent journalism, whether in small towns or big cities, creating stories that serve their residents and build a sense of place, and shining an informative light that allows citizens to make wise decisions.”

As part of the appeal, The Times referenced the current crisis facing local journalism–something Wilton has experienced when it comes to local print newspapers, which have either disappeared or moved away from local coverage under new corporate ownership.

“Local journalism is in crisis and at risk of disappearing,” the Times wrote. “These vital resources are critical to the safety, security and knowledge of our communities, never more so than in these difficult times. On World Press Freedom Day and every day, we encourage you to find a local news organization you trust and support it.”

GOOD Morning Wilton is the only independent, truly local Wilton news outlet. We are a small, Wilton-owned business, just like many brick-and-mortar retailers or family-owned restaurants in town. We’ve faced the same challenges this past year, while simultaneously stepping up to serve Wilton when the town needed it most.

Many of those local businesses that supported us with advertising had to step back through the pandemic. At the same time, we expanded our news coverage, serving as a lifeline to COVID-19 news and other stories, producing more content for more readers, as best as we could with fewer resources.

Especially as Wilton has welcomed many new residents, it’s important to remind readers that our ability to successfully bring you daily Wilton news increasingly depends on your support.

Our membership program debuted in 2019 and has continued to sustain us and allow us to grow. This August we’ll celebrate eight years. We hope you’ll continue supporting the local journalism that is so vital to the fabric of our community.

Whether you become a GMW member today, or give what you can, or simply share our stories and tell your friends and family to check out GOOD Morning Wilton, we’re grateful for your support.

Become a GOOD Morning Wilton member today!

Editor’s note: the story was edited to clarify changing landscape of local newspapers.

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