Wilton jewelry designer Cynthia Grano has walked a path that has taken several different turns, and now that path is leading up the steps of Old Town Hall, where she’ll be organizing a unique Holiday Market this weekend.

Grano has pulled together three other designers and artisans to feature their wares with her. Grano says her friends are talented women who “have all had ‘previous lives’ in totally different fields.”

Grano, who has lived in Wilton for 22 years, used to work as an investment banker in the energy industry.

“[When] my son, Alexander, was in Kindergarten I wanted to do something which would allow me flexibility, so I began designing bejeweled silk pillows which are filled with lavender. I started a company Cynthia Alexander, named after myself and my son 16 years ago,” Grano explains.

Grano designs jewelry created with precious and semi-precious stones and her unique castings. Additionally she has her bejeweled lavender filled silk pillows & accessories.

“The energies of the stones as well as the meanings of their carvings are an integral part of all of my designs. Initially I began selling at small shows, Junior League events, etc. Eventually we have expanded the business to include selling wholesale to stores across the country. One year we were part of the Eileen Fisher Holiday gift collection and were in all of her stores! The pillows have earned their own copyright and trademark status,” Grano says, adding that her designs are sold throughout Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The three other women who will also be selling their items include:

  • Anita Sobelson, Anita Designs from Weston. She designs a line of natural linen napkins, fingertip towels, tissue box covers and more. Her zip code towels were carried in the Betts Store gift shop at the Wilton Historical Society last year.
  • Jean Forte, Jean Forte Vintage Gifts from Silvermine. She presents a selection of vintage home goods including silver, glass, china, one of a kind items and more. She creates gift items such as a jar of jam wrapped in a vintage napkin with a silver jam spoon attached.
  • Suzanne Saltzman from NYC. She creates one of a kind evening handbags and clutches which are adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals. Additionally she has silk shawls which she embellishes with semi-precious stones.

The show is being held at Old Town Hall (69 Ridgefield Rd.) on Dec. 11-12 at 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Dec. 13 at 12-5 p.m..