Organizers of a protest against the recent bear killings in Wilton are hoping supporters will show for another rally they’re holding at Norwalk Superior Court on Thursday, Nov. 30, when the men arrested in the case are scheduled to appear at a hearing.

The hearing for the two defendants–Antonio Lio, 28 of Wilton, and Daniel Moran, 33 of Norwalk–was rescheduled two prior times. Lio is accused of killing two black bears while bow hunting on private property in Wilton on Saturday, Sept. 16 and then removing the skin, head and paws of one bear as a trophy. Moran was charged with being an accessory and helping Lio.

Eleanor Sasso is one of the three organizers of what they are now calling the Bear Rally Committee. She notified local media that protesters will begin gathering at 9:30 a.m. outside the courthouse (17 Belden Ave., Norwalk) and will protest peacefully. They will have printed signs to distribute as well  as flyers with a statement that explains the group’s mission and positions, which include stiffer penalties for poaching/trophy hunting of bears–both are illegal in CT–and objecting to efforts aimed at making bear hunting legal in the state.

In addition Sasso says the group will be joined by the Humane Society.