Our Lady of Fatima Students Hold Can & Bottle Drive, Car Wash Fundraiser Saturday

Our Lady of Fatima students will be having a Can and Bottle Drive on Saturday, Oct. 11 from 9 a.m. to Noon. They are inviting members of the public to bring their cans and bottles so that the students can redeem them for the bottle deposit money.

Last year, the school’s Can and Bottle Drive raised almost $1,000. enough to help the school purchase much-needed playground items, including new swings, sandbox sand, outdoor deck boxes and what organizers called “probably the best item”–geese decoys!

School principal Martha Reitman says the program teaches the students on many levels.

“Our students learn the value of recycling in three very important ways. First, by showing respect for the environment daily as they make the trip to the recycling container. Second, to be able to choose to bring a reusable water container to school  in order to cut down on the overall use of plastic containers. And third, as a school community, our recycling program generates funds which we use to purchase materials for the students such as new swings and playground equipment!”

On the same day, OLF eighth graders will be doing a car wash to raise money for their field trip to Boston.

Some OLF students with one of the dog-shaped geese decoys. The school used money raised from last year’s Bottle & Can Drive to purchase the decoys, helping keep geese off the school play fields, and therefore free of geese waste.
OLF students on playground swings purchased with proceeds from their Can & Bottle drive fundraiser last year.