Chantel Nelson says she and her husband had an unexpected dinner guest on Sunday, when a very large black bear decided to make a feast out of the bird feeder in the backyard of their Thayer Pond Rd. home.

“A large and beautiful black bear had a dinner of birdseed in our yard [Sunday] night,” she emailed to GOOD Morning Wilton. “He stayed for an hour finishing three pounds of birdseed. Attempts to scare him off were unsuccessful. He would not be deterred from his meal.”

He finally left when he fished eating, but Nelson reports the bear was back the next day [Monday] for another visit. This time, he fearlessly ambled up her front walk.

Nelson shared the videos and photos of the experience.

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One reply on “Photos/Video of the Day: Bear Visits Wilton Home Twice in Two Days”

  1. Bears will return until they realize there is no more food to be had. Take the bird feeder down and get an airhorn or bang pots and pans. The loud noise from the horn or pans will scare them off more than telling they bear to go away. Also, they don’t like the smell of ammonia, so spraying your outdoor trash cans will help deter them.

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