On Wednesday evening, Oct. 20, the candidates for the Wilton Planning and Zoning Commission met at a candidate forum to answer questions submitted by residents and to share their perspectives and plans for how they would serve if elected.

The candidates for Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission are Eric Fanwick (D), Ken Hoffman (D), Christopher Pagliaro (R), Jill Warren (R), and Chris Wilson (R).

The candidate forum was sponsored by the Wilton League of Women Voters, Wilton Library and GOOD Morning Wilton. It was moderated by League of Women Voters moderator Jean Rabinow.

The event was livestreamed on GOOD Morning Wilton as it took place in the Wilton Library’s Brubeck Room.

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Below are video clips of the event. We’ve included the entire event, and then also added clips of each individual question and the candidates’ answers.

Next Monday, Oct. 25, (7-9:15 p.m.) GMW will livestream the candidate forums for the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen. Questions can also be submitted via email ahead of time for that event.

Planning and Zoning Commission Candidates Entire Forum

Introduction and Rules

Q:  What are some constructive ways for Wilton to diversify our housing base? How can Wilton enable seniors who wish to downsize to stay in town? And on the other end of the spectrum, how can Wilton enable younger people and people in service sectors to afford to live here?
Q: Please tell us your objectives and hopes for how the town-owned properties in the Gilbert and Bennett mill, school and surrounding area will fit into Wilton’s intermediate town planning?


Q: With the announcement of the School Sisters of Notre Dame selling their property, what would you hope to see this property become, and what would you seek to prevent?
Q: What do you envision Wilton looking like 20 years from now? What aspects of the town should look different, and what aspects do you plan to work hard to conserve? How will the needs of Wilton’s population a generation from now differ from today’s, and what tools does Planning and Zoning have to ensure those needs will be met?
Q: Without commenting on any specific proposals, what should the town’s priorities be in evaluating development proposals that come in the future?
Q: Almost all the candidates talk about attracting new businesses to Wilton and expanding the grand list. How will you balance such expansion if it occurs against maintaining the characteristics of the town?
Q: Is there any way for Planning and Zoning to be more proactive such as seeking out certain kinds of development?
Closing Statements