Yesterday afternoon, Wilton Police Chief John Lynch announced that his department had recovered the majority of street signs that had disappeared over the last month or two. GOOD Morning Wilton reported the story a week ago that police and residents had noticed more than a dozen street signs had gone missing.

According to Lynch, the signs were found by a citizen. Of the approximately 17 signs that had disappeared recently, there were 15 that were recovered.

“They were found by a resident on Bald Hill Rd. in a wooded area adjacent to the roadway on Sept. 20. The resident saw them and called us. There were no witnesses or evidence,” he reports.

Lynch also notes that the signs do not appear to be damaged and can be reused. They were returned to the Department of Public Works.

Hopefully the signs were recovered in time, before new signs were produced. First selectman Lynne Vanderslice told GMW last week that there is both a cost and a frustration factor. “It costs the town $70 plus the labor to put it back up, so really, it easily costs $100 per sign to replace it… You’re just basically wasting their time and taking them away from the things they’re supposed to do, when they have to go and put the signs back up. It’s inefficient work, going all over the place.”