Saving the World, One Cookie at a Time: 7th Grader Organizes Bake Sale for Safe Drinking Water

Wilton 7th grader Gracie Biondo is proving even middle schoolers can change the world. This Middlebrook School student has been motivated to help raise money to build a well in a community in Africa since learning about the lack of access to clean water across in underdeveloped countries during a social studies for a unit.

So Biondo decided to do something about it.

“I was researching the deleterious effects this has on people globally and realized I am starting to develop a passion about changing this. I decided that I want to get a handful of my friends to hold a fundraiser in the form of a bake sale outside of Village Market to raise money for the Water Project, a non profit organization. Their mission is for providing, clean, safe, and reliable water source across the globe.”

Biondo even has a video to promote the event:

SS – water project bake sale from Michael Biondo on Vimeo.

The bake sale is scheduled for this Tuesday, April 30, from 4-6 p.m. at Village Market.