Election 2020 saw two main races for Wilton, both for state legislator seats. Wilton resident Kim Healy (R) challenged State Sen. Will Haskell (D) and two political newcomers, Stephanie Thomas (D) and Patrizia Zucaro (R), ran to fill the seat that had been occupied for years by Wilton's Gail Lavielle, who was retiring from politics. Both Democrats won their races.

As we do for each election, GOOD Morning Wilton will be interviewing each of the candidates in contested races. We want to make sure we get answers to questions that their constituents have.

The four candidates we’ll be doing Q&As with are:

  • State Senate District 26:  Will Haskell (D) and Kim Healy (R/Independent)
  • State House of Representatives District 143:  Stephanie Thomas (D/Working Families) and Patrizia Zucaro (R/Independent)

If you have a question you’d like to submit, send it to editor@goodmorningwilton.com. Where appropriate, indicate which race and/or candidate(s) you’d like to hear from. We can’t promise every question will get asked but we’ll do our best to represent as many voters as possible.

(For guidance, please refer to our Terms of Use; questions must be respectful and should not insult or attack any candidate.)