When the fiscal year closes on June 30, officials at Wilton Library will hope that they don’t fall short of what they needed to raise for the year. This year’s annual appeal is going on right now, with an overall goal of $233,000. Right now they’re concerned they may not make it, as they’re still $31,000 behind their goal–with just 14 days to go, that’s more than $2,200 a day.

Library administrators face a tough mandate each year–25% of the library’s budget has to be raised annually through fundraising in the community–that’s more than $1 million overall. Many people think Wilton has a ‘public library’ but Wilton Library Association is a public-private partnership, and so much of the burden of making its budget falls on the library itself.

The money they raise is earmarked for all of the resources the library provides–best sellers, large print books, and movie and TV series DVDs; plus all of the digital resources the library offers–downloadable books, magazines and music. And what would Wilton Library be without the more than 1,000 programs offered all year–author talks, music programs, maker space classes, and more.

Last week the library was packed with Wilton High School students studying for finals. Today, the summer reading programs for kids and teens are kicking off. Later this week, the library will host a support group for grieving spouses, an embroidering class, a PR workshop for small business owners, and host a book signing appearance by a best-selling author. As always, the walls are hung with one of the many art exhibitions the library hosts year round.

The only way these programs can happen is if the library raises the funds that support programs, services and the collections–they’re all funded exclusively by private donations

Less than 10% of Wilton’s populations gives a gift to support the Wilton Library. Check out this wonderful video to see just how much the library does and consider making a 100% tax-deductible gift to support the Annual Fund. Just click through here to donate online.