The record-setting rains from the remnants of Hurricane Ida overnight Thursday wreaked havoc on the New York metropolitan area, leaving at least 14 people dead, including a Connecticut State Trooper and millions of dollars in damage in its wake.

Wilton didn’t escape damage, with the storm causing significant flooding after several inches of rain fell and the Norwalk River overflowed its banks. Among the wreckage town officials discovered Thursday morning after the storm passed was extensive damage to the two turf fields at Wilton High School, most significantly to Fujitani Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

As a result, Wilton Parks and Recreation Director Steve Pierce has closed both Fujitani and Lilly Field until repairs are able to be made.

GOOD Morning Wilton spoke with Pierce, Parks Superintendent Doug Katz and First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice about what happened during the storm that resulted in the fields to become saturated with mud and water, and clogged drains with silt, and other impacts.

3 replies on “Storm-Damaged WHS Turf Fields Closed, Extensive Cleanup and Fixes Needed [VIDEO]”

  1. Wondering something… can your fire department come to the school and use some water pressure on your turf and pipes to clear the debris? Or if your water department has anything that has any water pressure hoses that someone could help WHS.

  2. So sad to hear the news of the new track and semi new field being flooded. Is there any way that our town can get another Turf field? I love this new track and I have son who plays/ practices on the stadium turf but had to move practice to the Weston Public School complex tonight. I can already see my comment getting negative comments, but really… other towns nearby have multiple turf fields; why does our town not have more that Fujitani and Lily fields turfed? In advance, please do not attack me personally; it is a legitimate question.

  3. Hey Heather, Great update guys and thank you for everything you are doing to restore the fields – very much appreciated!

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