BTS, Little Mix, One Direction–we’re putting you on notice, your days are numbered. There’s a new group in town.

Meet Wilton’s own, ‘Take Five.’ 

These five Cider Mill students got together, albeit virtually, to do something creative and inspiring. They channeled their love of singing and their friendship into something positive during the pandemic. And in true tribute to their roots, they’ve named themselves in homage to Wilton’s own Dave Brubeck.

The girls–who, for now, will remain unidentified, at least until they make the “Billboard Top 10″–all love to sing and didn’t let the pandemic get in the way. They’ve recorded a beautiful rendition of “O Holy Night,” that in a little over 24 hours, has started to take Facebook by storm.

The mom of one of the girls explained the significance of their efforts. “One of the greatest silver linings in this pandemic is that we have been forced to rethink, return to basics and be creative about doing things that we once took for granted but no longer can do.”

We can’t wait until we see what else this powerhouse quintet will do in the future.

YouTube video

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  1. Sounds interesting. Waiting to get more information and news of making their way to Billboard Top 10. Loved the ‘Holy night’ rendering of the group. Wishing them luck .

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