The second lecture in a series titled, “Everything You Want to Know about Your Adolescent,” is being held next Wednesday, Jan. 13. The discussion topic is “Stress and Success:  Strategies to Recognize and Reduce Stress.”

Co-sponsored by Wilton Youth Council and Wilton Library, along with Silver Hill Hospital and Weston Youth Services, the series is intended to be parenting discussions tailored for parents of teenagers. Parents are invited to attend the talks to help both them and their teens develop healthy life skills.

According to materials on the series, “In our society we tend to think of stress as being ‘bad.’ It manifests as unpleasant emotions and can lead to long-term health problems. Stress is no longer considered the exclusive province of adults and we now understand that children of every age can experience its deleterious effects.”

The program aims to help parents learn how to help children, through advice from child development experts. One key, say organizers, is for parents to help their children, “…develop appropriate and measured responses to stress,” rather than simply remove all stresses from their lives.

Each of the classes in the series will be led by experts in child and adolescent development, and will include informal conversations about raising healthy, happy teens as well as Q&A.

Leading the Wednesday discussion is Michelle Albright, PhD, the director of Youth Services, Weston. The presentation will be an interactive discussion on the ABCs of stress:  raise Awareness of the stressors in one’s life, Buffer their impact, and identify Consequences for thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The two opportunities to take part in the program on Wednesday, Jan. 13 are at 10-11:30 a.m. at the Weston Library (203.222.2665) or 7-8:30 p.m. at the Wilton Library. The first session held in November was very well attended, and organizers are recommending advance registration for the Jan. 13 evening session. Registration can be completed online or by calling 203.762.3950, ext. 213.