The Most Important Card in Your Wallet

Credit cards, shmedit cards. These days, the most powerful piece of plastic in your wallet is the library card. I mean, c’mon—between the two, which one has its very own month of recognition? That’s right, September is recognized as “National Library Card Sign-Up Month.”

Approximately 22,000 users already know how powerful a library card is—that’s how many registered library cards have been issued by our town’s library.

Having a Wilton Library library card gives members access to a wide variety of services and materials from the Wilton Library, according to Janet Crystal, the marketing communications manager for the library.

“It’s always important for anyone who can, to have a library card.”

Adult card holders have access to various programs operated by the library, including: IndieFlix, a new streaming video and streaming movie service showcasing independent films (shorts, features, documentaries); OverDrive for e-books and audio-books; the brand new Naxos music library, which streams commercial-free jazz and classical music; and Zinio!, which offers free access to several magazines, including free downloading and instant offline viewing.

“You get so much value for the library card in your wallet,” Crystal said.

She explained other factors that the library card plays into. “When you have your own library card, you can then personalize your own account. You can get better information, including what books are coming due, you can find out when something you’ve reserved is available for pickup—and just come through the drive-thru to pick it up! Having a library card opens up a whole new world to you.

Wilton children can sign up for their own library cards when they turn 5-years-old. “It’s so exciting, they can take out DVDs and books in their own name.”

Some members opt for a family card, but it really works best when you have your own card, according to Crystal. “If you’re a student doing research from home, when you want a credible source you can cite for book reports or term papers, they can use their library card bar code to access the Library’s databases—which are very, very rich, vast, incredible and which are full of credible, reliable information. It’s not just pulling info off the Ethernet.”

To get a Wilton Library library card, a person just has to show proof of residency, typically a driver’s license; currently, of the 22,000 existing number of card-carrying Wilton Library members, two-thirds are Wilton residents and about one-third are from surrounding towns or are individuals who work in Wilton.”Not many people know that their own CT library card can be used in other CT libraries, as long as you are registered.”