Woof! It’s been a stressful and scary few weeks for us humans, but there’s no better time to be a pet. Cats and dogs all over the country have been promoted to assistant teachers and work supervisors, and they’re sharing offices with their best friends.

The GOOD news? We’ve seen firsthand how the generosity and kindness of our Wilton community shines even brighter in times of crisis. From providing assistance to vulnerable neighbors, to buying gift cards or ordering take-out and delivery, to just staying home and flattening the curve, there’s so much everyone can–and is–doing to help.

Passage East is beyond grateful to our always-spectacular human friends who are helping support us by purchasing Gift Certificates for pet boarding, daycare, and grooming services online.

We’re also incredibly thankful for the essential workers protecting our community on the frontlines, and are offering free pet boarding & daycare service for Wilton’s first responders and healthcare workers for the next month. If you are an essential worker in need of pet care while you’re busy saving the world, please reach out to us via email.

There are many questions and challenges ahead for everyone right now, but we can’t think of a better community to face them with than Wilton. Thank you for supporting us and all the small businesses that make our town special.

And now, without further ado, allow us to distract you with a bit of furry cuteness! Meet Tack and Daniel Tiger, an 80-pound lab and teeny-tiny tabby kitten whose adorable friendship defies all preconceived notions of contentious cat-dog relationships. These two brothers from (very) different mothers love hanging out together, cruising the high seas, and even surfing the ‘net. Read on to learn more!

Names & Breeds:  Tack (Golden Labrador) and Daniel Tiger (Domestic Short-Haired Tabby Cat).

Ages:  Tack is 4 years old; Daniel Tiger is 18 weeks.

Proud Pawrents:  Ed & Ronnie Tella

How we met Tack:  “We picked up Tack as a puppy in Park City, Utah on a trip to visit our daughters living in Colorado. We heard about a woman in Park City with a new litter of pups and when we arrived, Tack ran through a fence to meet us and we knew he was the one.”

How we met Daniel Tiger:  “Daniel Tiger was spotted at PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) in Norwalk. He was one of a litter of seven kittens, just 8 weeks old. He looked up at us with his cute face and that was that!”

Where you can find them:  ”We are lucky to live adjacent to a land trust with plenty of trails for Tack and I to hike. He comes into my home office at noon every day to push me away from my laptop and go walking. Tack also loves any of the trails around Wilton.

Daniel Tiger has a perch where he can watch the great outdoors and he runs for the door when it opens, but he is too little to go out and lives indoors. Instead, he loves to run around the house–he has the kitten zoomies and loves to run and pounce.”

A few of their favorite things:  “Tack loves swimming and the water; we are sailors, hence the name. He loses his mind when he sees a cormorant dive under the water! You can imagine him thinking, ‘Where did he go?’ He also loves to run (he’s fast and a show-off around other dogs).

“Daniel Tiger loves his toys and anything with a string attached. He likes to play as a tiger and pounce on Tack. Daniel has learned to use his paw on our laptop touchscreen to move the cursor around, which he finds very entertaining!”

Why they’re our best friends:  “Watching the two of them–an 80 lb. dog and a kitten–live together is wonderful. Tack is a real ‘people’ person:  if we come across a human walking their pet, he will approach the person first. He loves sniffing people! Our favorite thing about them is how excited they are to greet us when we get home.”

Visit the PAWS website to donate.

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