Just how does a new or existing business navigate the Town’s review process when opening or expanding a business in Wilton? This question was posed by a local business owner to the Wilton Economic Development Commission and in response Wilton officials have developed a “Guide to Opening or Expanding a Business in Wilton, CT.

The opening of a new or expanded business requires multiple levels of review by a variety of town departments. Some of these reviews are straightforward while other reviews and approvals are more involved, depending on the type of business, legal structure, planned construction activity, and site location. This guide will help prospective or expanding businesses of any size navigate through their project providing a step-by-step checklist, highlighting things to consider before opening or expanding a business, and providing town department contact information. Interactive links in the guide take the reader to relevant website pages for more information.

Wilton’s director of planning and land use management Bob Nerney says it’s exciting to offer something that will make the process much easier for all businesses. “Whether a business is large or small, our goal is to provide personalized customer service. We strive to make the process as clear and easy as possible all while ensuring a safe, functional and attractive project.”

The guide will be available on the Town of Wilton website on the Planning and Zoning Department and Building Department pages. It will also be featured on the Wilton Economic Development Commission’s website.  Hard copies will also be made available at the various land use departments in Town Hall.

The guide was developed as a joint effort by the Town of Wilton’s Planning and Zoning, Building, Environmental Affairs, and Health Departments along with feedback from local business owners.