Two Weeks of Wilton Real Estate Report, May 24-June 6, 2019

Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office releases the data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the days between May 24-June 6, 2019, the following land transfers were recorded (including address, sale price and photo where available):

May 24-30

  • Daniel and Julia Shevchik sold 181 Cannon Rd. to Brian and Betty Rucker for $1,150,000.

  • Carlos and Rosemary Morales sold 58 Village Ct. to Arun Swaminathan and S. Bakthavatchalam for $583,000.

  • Elizabeth O’Hara sold 345 Mountain Rd. to Joshua Connel Balatbat Salta for $490,000.

  • Juls Arthur sold 20 Kingdom Ridge Rd. to So Yee Chin and Christoph Hansis for $650,000.

  • Andrew and Elizabeth Castaldi sold 79 Scarlet Oak Dr. to Nicholas and Christine Stabler for $829,000.

  • Marianne Wilson sold 47 Freshwater Ln. to Maolin Ding and Hang Wang for $330,000.


May 31-June 6

  • Derek and Kimberly Fisher sold 46 Wilridge Rd. to Ann Bell for $460,000.

  • Randy Letzler sold 21 Wilton Crest to Kimberly Komacki for $415,000.

  • Scott and Wendy Cozzens sold 11 Turner Ridge Ct. to Jessica and John Stewart for $1,292,000.

  • Michael Lamagna Co. Trust et al, sold 711 Danbury Rd. to Jesus Andres Diaz La Torre et al, for $334,000.

  • Alan Ermark sold 7 Liberty St. to Courtney Denkovich for $370,000.

  • John and Rima Terradista sold 41 Mayflower Dr. to Nicholas and Elizabeth Mohr for $765,000.

  • Judith Welty sold 63 Wilton Crest to Geo. Vincent and Benita Alexander for $329,250.


Editor’s note:  Due to a municipal report with insufficient information, the previous version of this article reported a deed update as a deed/land transfer and property sale. The property was not sold to a new owner; instead, the current owner transferred 50% of the property to a third party, but still maintains possession. The report has been updated as a result, and the original entry removed.